Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's Hard to NOT be a Cubs Fan

It's been 109 long years since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series, and as a long time Red Sox fan I had at one time felt a kinship with the lovable losers of the National League. The 82 years of misery that the Red Sox faithful had really been nothing compared to the misery that a Chicago Cubs fan has endured. Interestingly enough the Chicago White Sox had been in a World Series drought for a couple of years longer than the Red Sox had when they won it the year after the Red Sox finally did, but again, when you have the Cubs on the other side of town nobody really thought of it.

Also as a Red Sox fan there were a few other things that linked these two franchises together. In the early 1900s both teams were considered overly dominant, and people wondered what the world of baseball would be like if these two teams didn't go into a slump. Well, that problem seemed to fix itself. The Red Sox having won 5 world titles in 15 years and the Cubs being the first team to go to three straight world championships and winning two of them (their only two, poor bastards) was quite the talk. Other franchises that were simply fighting to stay alive at the time were quite unhappy about their prospects, like the Baltimore Orioles for example that couldn't draw flies, and were forced to move to New York and change their names to the Highlanders. They only managed to make it to the World Series 40 times since then.

I used to be considered a member of "The Fellowship of the Miserable" who found much more joy in the losses of other teams than the victories of my own. Of course this was before my Football team won 4 Super Bowls, my Baseball team won 3 World Series, and even my Basketball and Hockey Team each took a championship. It's not just because I happen to live in winnerville now that I am happy to say that I have learned to NOT take happiness in the misery of others. No actually it was Yankees fans that might have taught me to be a better person. After the Red Sox had their unprecedented 4 game comeback to beat the Yankees in the ALCS (and then went onto win their first World Series in ... well a while) I expected to see interviews with miserable Yankees fans. What I saw were a lot of Yankees fans saying it was the best series they ever saw and were rooting for the Red Sox. I felt rather small after that.

If the Cubs manage to make it to the World Series this year, it will be a hard one for me to deal with. It would mean that they are facing the Cleveland Indians who are managed by the manager who brought the championship home to Boston after all those dark years. Terry Francona is a good guy and I would be all in for the Indians if they were facing the Dodgers. The fact that they may be facing the Cubs will make it hard for me to root for them. After all the Cubs are the last bastion of curses in the world of Baseball, and I don't think I would be a true fan of the game if I didn't want to see them finally hoist their trophy that they have worked for since 1908. I mean I know how bad it was to hear the chants of 1918. I can't imagine the pain they must go through. It's time for it to end.

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