Monday, October 3, 2016

It's always nice to be right.

Well, I am looking pretty smart right now. Nothing new really, people stop me all the time, making comments about how bright I look, mostly things like, "hey, do you know how to get to the Records and Registrations Building?" or "hey, can't you read the "Side Walk Closed sign, you moron." Having a superior intellect can be hard. Looking so intelligent can be a struggle. That is fodder for another post, though. I am here to talk about my brash prediction that the Nebraska Cornhuskers were going to go undefeated and win the National Championship.

It isn't really all that bold when you realize that I make that exact same prediction every year. Most years, though, I don't get a lot of cooperation. Other teams play better, the ball bounces the wrong way, critical mistakes are made at terrible times. The litany of heartbreaking events goes on infinitely.

This year, though, NU started 5 and 0. Five wins and no losses. And more importantly they are doing it in a way that recalls the programs glory days. Plays that many may call boneheaded simple are once again brutally effective.

With a 10 minute drive Nebraska hammered the ball at Illinois, repeatedly, running backs smashing through holes cleared by huge, quick linemen. Terrell Newby finally broke through from the 4 yard line to give Nebraska an eight point lead.

It was a punishing display of power football that made me dream of Rathman, Craig, Philips,
Mackovicka, Schlesinger, and Rozier. People say it is difficult to run the ball when "they put 7 in the box." Maybe, but those guys did it. And now Newby, Wilbon, and Ozigbo are doing it, to the tune of a 78 to 6 scoring advantage in the 4th quarter so far this year.

Of course the difficult part of the schedule remains. And there is a lot to prove against the beasts in the east. Michigan, and Ohio State are teams that are talented, and tough. But, I stand by my prediction. And if you wait until after we (the Cornhuskers and I) win those games to start screaming Go Big Red (The loudest cheer at NU's games) you are going to look like a bandwagon jumper. Nobody wants that.

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