Sunday, October 23, 2016

Football, Madness, Meaning and Innuendo

I like college football, I like the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I don’t much like Ed Cunningham. The color announcer ABC seems to curse Nebraska with constantly. It does seem to be a mutual distaste, though, he doesn’t seem to like Nebraska very much.

For one thing, despite the fact Tommy Armstrong is one of the leading quarterbacks in the Big Ten, and Ed Cunningham was a center, he continually harps about the mistakes Armstrong makes. Nobody is perfect, Ed, and Armstrong is having a great season. Yesterday, for example, Armstrong accounted 303 total yards in offense, compared to 288 for David Blough, the talented, prolific quarterback from Purdue, whom Ed Cunningham could not praise often or loudly enough. Yes, the stats are not in a completely comparable because 51 of Armstrong’s yards came rushing, and Blough lost 21, still these are the statistics and they are real. And, in the most important statistic of the day, Armstrong had 1 win and Blough had 1 loss.

Routinely, he has for the last several years, cast doubts on the teams. He has criticized the quarterbacks, the line play, and the ability to win consistently. I am at a loss. Did we do something to you, Mr. Cunningham?

In comments about Mike Riley, Ed Cunningham talked about what a decent man and knowledgeable coach he was. True on both accounts. Then he talked about how last year NU fans were not certain he was the right man for the job. Of course, he neglects to explain that Nebraska was 3 and 6 at one point. Most fans of any program accustomed to bowl trips and winning records, would harbor doubts. He also fails to explain that his alma mater, the Washington Huskies have chased high profile coaches with boundless enthusiasm, and fired them with equal fervor. In the time since he graduated Washington has been through 6 coaches, and Nebraska only 4.

It is difficult to understand what he could possibly have against Nebraska. His teams played NU, but as far as I remember they won more than they lost. And a brief search I can’t find a record of his teams losing even once to the Huskers. Most players have praised Nebraska fans as being polite, and well mannered. I remember Mack Brown, when he coached Texas, and the Longhorns snapped Nebraska’s home winning streak, largely on the legs of running back Ricky Williams. After the pair were interviewed at mid field by the press, he said he told the the running back to put on his helmet for his own safety. He was worried about missiles being hurled from the stands. He was amazed to see Williams getting a standing ovation.

I beg of you ABC, ESPN, Walt Disney, whoever makes the decision, anybody but Ed Cunningham.

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