Sunday, September 18, 2016

I hate to say I told you so, no I don't

Yesterday marked the third week of the college football season. Nebraska is still undefeated. My prediction, right here, is looking prescient. Yesterday was the first real challenge when the Oregon Ducks flew into Lincoln. 

It was a hard fought game with several lead changes, and it was all I could do to watch the end. After last year and all the close losses it was impossible not to think "Here we go again." But, I stood up and said "this has gone on long enough," and we made a desperate, valiant last stand, breaking up two passes, posting a sack, and tackling a scrambling, mobile quarterback well short of the yard to make marker on 4th down. It was a heroic effort, and it took all we had, me and the Huskers.

Go Big Red
Actually, besides as many ritual good luck processes that I worked frantically through the Blackshirts (Nebraska's starting defense) did it all by themselves. 

But, I have had faith since the season started. And I still am. I am still just minutes, and 10 games, from ordering my national championship tshirt and visor. 

Here is an interesting little factoid. Since losing to Purdue last year and starting the season with six losses and three wins Nebraska has won six games and only lost one. Admittedly, that was a tough way to start the season. Further, this is not the same Oregon team that tore people to pieces a couple of years ago. But, three wins, is three wins. And, you have to win all your games, no matter who you play.

Here is my advice, jump on the bandwagon while there is still room. And don't forget to vote; Mike Riley for president. And don't forget, drink water, floss, and eat your vegetables, I care about you, and your health.