Sunday, September 4, 2016

College Football Kicks Off, Thank Goodness

Now that college football has kicked off several things are easily observable. Nebraska is still undefeated and on the march toward a national championship. Though, it won't be easy, last night in the 43 to 10 victory over Fresno State I almost threw myself on my sword, several times. But, in the end we (the Huskers and I) ran the ball well, and played defense much better than last season, though that is not difficult, at least pass defense. It was a great victory and our first step (the Huskers and I) in our march to immortality.
20151011_215608136_iOSOf course, that was not the only news from yesterday. Oklahoma has again proven that it can take a high ranking and make voters regret the kindness. The Sooners looked awful, just terrible, against Houston. Blocking was as abysmal as tackling, two important components of football. Sick smile But, the season is young, and the Sooners have many opportunities to make me scream at my television.
LSU fell flat. And looked terrible doing it, they went to the home of the Packers and got rolled by Wisconsin. Big players make big plays in big games, and what could have been bigger. The Tigers made a few small plays, lost a close one and went home.Storm cloud

Tonight we have Texas and Notre Dame, a match up between two teams I despise. Since Notre Dame has a special place in the hearts of millions, and a following so large it is almost unbelievable I will probably root for Texas, Hook ‘em Horns. Since I have officially doomed Texas by donning the burnt orange I expect a big thank you from Notre Dame fans (not all of them, just the fans reading this) tomorrow.DevilAngel

So far, I am One out of Three in games, screamed at my television, called referees terrible names, acted like a complete buffoon, and had a grand time. I can’t wait for next week.