Saturday, June 18, 2016

When will it End? or Finally the NBA finals.

On Sunday night game 7 of NBA finals is taking place. Cleveland and Golden State are playing one game to decide the championship. Cleveland and Golden State, the Warriors and the Cavaliers. LeBron vs Steph. No matter how it is phrased it just doesn't sound appealing. I would probably be a lot happier if they both lost.

Yes, I am an old guy. But, it seems to me that the biggest excitement of the finals has been Steph Curry's wife and her twitter account. There was a brief flurry of thrills last game when Curry fouled out and was ejected after hurling his mouth guard into the stands, nailing a "Cleveland VIP." They tracked down the "victim" and he is expected to make a full recovery.

A co-worker asked me, before the series started if I was going to watch, and I said no. In my opinion the NBA referees decide too many games. It seems rigged and artificial. It is probably the crotchety old man in me. "Things were so much better when I was young. Men were men, and basketball was played two points at a time. And now all these people are parking on my street. And the curvature of the earth seems to have gotten much more pronounced because it is a lot harder to push the mower up the hill in my back yard."*

He is a Cleveland fan, which is understandable since we are in Ohio. He said it was becoming more like the WWE (professional wrestling) and LeBron had been cast in the role of "bad guy." A very appropriate comparison, I felt. It did add a little drama to a dull series of meaningless games.  

I remember the NBA series of Bird, Magic, Kareem, Dr. J (when the Doctor makes a housecall the patient always dies), His Royal Airness, huge men, huge games, coached by domineering men of wit, and malice. Now we have Tyronn Lue and Steve Kerr.

 And yes, I realize those guys got all the calls too, but somehow they seemed to deserve the special treatment. Today special treatment is handed out based on market analysis and focus groups. I remember the bad boys of Detroit handing out bruises, and insults. These guys seem to spend a lot of time swinging their purses at each other. When exhaustion sets in and they cannot go on, here come the wives. And the ESPN experts, who make a comfortable living talking seriously, and solemnly about a game, dissecting, disassembling, droning on and on, and endless whining sound. A game most of them never played.

* Sorry, if you are interested in my lawn mowing the blog is coming soon. Here is a picture of my new mower.  And it is fantastic.