Thursday, June 9, 2016

7 big unanswered questions as WWE Draft enrolls.

As WWE draft appears nearer, the buzz among the Internet Wrestling Community is getting stronger. One of the more vocal fans on Social Media are already hot on "damning" the WWE for the things that will happen, and the things that won't. Here, I am quickly listing up few of the questions everyone answered. If I miss out on one of yours, please feel free to add up in the comments.

6. Where does John Cena end up?
WWE is bringing back the brand split, and will end up with separate rosters for RAW and SmackDown. The biggest question that looms in every fan's mind is: Where does Super-Cena end up!? Make no mistake Cena is WWE's top dog, and he will be THE guy business wise in the foreseeable future. Hence, while it's certain that he will be THE FACE of whichever brand he ends up in, it's possible that he might not end up being on RAW. The show he's led for 12 years.
Few interesting things to note. Firstly, Cena has a lot on his plate, TV deals, endorsements, movies, and he wouldn't want to left any of 'em unexplored. Then the "stock" age stuff - Cena is closing in to 40, and WWE says it's a new era they are in. So, there is a possibility that Cena ends up in SmackDown. The decision is good for the show too, as it gives the show instant credibility, and the star power it needs going Live on the USA Network.

5. What 'bout Jericho, Lesnar, 'Taker?
Another tricky decision to be made is 'bout the "part-timers". Should the part-timers get drafted? Them being one of WWE's performers, if there is a draft happening, and the company promising separate rosters. They should get drafted.
On the other hand, does a Brock Lesnar be kept to a brand? With his dates, can he always have a hot feud in waiting in a roster. That way, drafting them makes no sense. As they aren't available for long periods, and giving them great narratives to get involved in is all the more difficult. So, WWE would like to keep the permutations and combinations with 'em. It's just a no brainer.

4. The women!
The women's division in WWE is filled with more talent than ever. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Paige, Natalya among others are great athletes, and can put up good bouts. While on paper, the division seems to have depth, but it doesn't seem wise to split up the women's division and have two separate titles.

I'll leave this to you. What do you think? Moving ahead...

3. The Tag division!
WWE for a long time have had a tag division that's just hasn't been able to get tag wrestling any popular. Things have changed now, and WWE have stables and teams that are formidable. So, this must be a headache if it already ain't for the WWE to make out what should be done with the tag division. Even Tyler Breeze and Fandango seem to magically get the notice of someone in the creative.

However, what happens after a brand split. 2 Tag-team titles? Like 2 women's title doesn't look promising. Fair to say that the tag division may take a hit when the draft happens.

2. 2 World Titles
When WWE did have 2 top prizes in the WWE and the World Heavyweight Championship, I as a teen hated the idea of 2 world champions in the same organization. That made us miss so many feuds. CenaVsTaker: The most notable. Now, though it might just be something WWE needs. Two championships, two champions, double the contenders, and we have a situation where more people are going for the "brass ring". Not bad, is it?

1. The McMahon saga
Interesting to note that Shane McMahon is back (Oh, you didn't know?). People love him. Triple H has managed NXT to collect great accolades. People hate Stephanie, thanks to how great a villainous boss she could play. Vince is in his 70s. Though, he's still going strong, he will pass on someday, but for now who gets to run what.. I didn't need say much 'bout this. Just leaving it to you all let me know what will happen in this scenario...

That's all do leave your reply on who's your "GUY", your picks in the draft, and predictions. If anything, just say a hi, we would love to get interacting.

Go, Internet Wrestling Community, everyone's hearing you. Well, at least we bloggers up here are.