Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Take a Seat Tom

In the interest of beating a dead horse, can we just get this stupid issue off the table. Tom Brady has had his favorable ruling by the court in the Deflate-Gate fiasco overruled by the court of appeals. As a Patriots fan I am just as sick of all of this as anyone else. Do I happen to think he had anything to do with this? I don't know and I don't care. Do I think the punishment for all of this crap was too much? Well of course I do, I am a homer after all, but what I am really sick of at this point is the punishment that all fans of the Patriots have had to deal with since this whole thing started.

Look, I get it, we live in that type of world now. Success is scorned, people would rather bring others down to their own level then achieve excellence anymore. We are watching people voting for a devout socialist who spouts the venom of Vladimir Lennon as he runs for president of the United States. On the other side of the coin, we are seeing a say anything politician reigning in votes in the interest of "getting even" with everybody. Some would have you believe that it is refreshing to see someone who never says "I'm sorry" and I have to be honest with you, this IS the problem with the world today. It has everything to do with life and it has everything to do with sports.

Legacies are already destroyed here, and a simple "I'm sorry" may have changed things around a bit. Even if it hadn't it would have changed the tenor of the whole debate by now and we could get on with our lives. Will people hate the Patriots forever? Of course. Will they hate Tom Brady forever? Definitely. Do we all have to maintain a level of apathy towards the whole thing? Probably not. Given the whole tone of the world as it is today, there is a definite reason why we as a society are starting to truly hate each other more and more with every new day. We hate winners and we praise losers. We all secretly want to be winners but we maintain a lovable loser status because it is easier. There needs to be a day when we step off of that free falling elevator, and I am afraid to say this folks, but it is too late.

For the sake of the Patriots Nation it is time for Tom Brady to just drop the ball, deflated or not and sit on the bench for four weeks. In the end it will let us all go back to watching football to hope that our team wins instead of rooting for the other team to lose. It used to just be a sports thing but it now is a political, life, neighbor and perfect stranger thing as well. Nobody makes it anywhere by being envious, but then again the squeaky wheel will always get the grease. The noise coming off the wheels is getting to be too much to tolerate. Just grease it and move on.