Monday, March 21, 2016

NCAA tournament coverage from a fan. #fixtheplus!

We have graduated from "The Round of 32" to "The Sweet 16." Which is right before the "Elite Eight." It is a shame that we couldn't come up with something better than "round of 32" maybe "thirsty bastards at 32" or "thinning down 32"  "don't even think about losing, my job is on the line 32." Something appropriate. But, that is another post.

My favorite teams are not playing this year, so it is a little less passionate, and a little more entertainment. It was fun watching Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State. I am kind of a Spartan fan, but you have to love an upset once in a while.

Kentucky got beat by Indiana, only days after Coach Calipari complained bitterly about not being seeded higher. In all fairness being seeded higher would have probably provided an easier opponent. It still provides an opportunity to make fun of a man who wins more games every year than I want.

Kansas is still playing, so is Oklahoma (teams from the old Big Eight conference), and I could celebrate either teams title. Syracuse and North Carolina are still alive and I can root for either of them as well. Which gives me a team from all four regions, so I am doing alright.

Though, I was really rooting for Stony Brook to take home the title. My wife works at a high school and knew one of the Sea Wolves, he was a very tall, polite young man. But, Cinderella is only allowed to dance so far. Everybody loves an underdog, but only up to about the Elite Eight, after that, and here I quote the immortal Bob Dylan "money doesn't talk, it swears."*

Several years ago Duke played Butler in the championship game and they could not buy a foul call. Here is a team that had played well enough to beat Michigan State, and Syracuse, and they could not defend, set picks, or rebound without so many whistles being blown it drown out the crowd. Somebody woke up and said "crap, nobody is going to in tune it to watch Butler, how did this happen? We had better make an example of these pretentious Bulldog interlopers."*

So, here is to Florida Gulf Coast, Fairleigh Dickinson, Austin Peay, and all of the other little guys, it was nice of you to stop by, here is a lovely parting gift. Hold tight to your dreams, have a nice plane ride home, and remember the words of Jerry Tarkanian, (Tark the Shark), "the NCAA was so mad at Kentucky they put Cleveland State on probation."*

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And, here is a song about money.