Monday, December 14, 2015

What a Difference a Week Makes

I can imagine there are suicide squads, and hotlines set up in Bristol, Connecticut which will also probably help with the dwindling numbers and layoffs at ESPN. The chest thumping and celebrations over the final demise of those pesky Patriots came to an abrupt halt late last night, and I imagine the maintenance crew at ESPN studios must have set up the Foxconn style netting around the building to catch all the jumpers. I mean by the time the Patriots had actually taken the field to play the Houston Texans the Bengals and Broncos game footage was in the can, and the two teams had lost. The only hope for the ESPN faithful was that the Patriots woes continued. It obviously didn't, and suicide watch must have gotten worse as the beat down continued.

I mean in the pre-game shows yesterday you would have a person here and there who were calmly trying to explain that the Patriots are going through a rough patch and that hardly meant that the Broncos weren't going through their own as well. The smarty farties all scoffed at the thought that the all powerful Denver Defense would give up enough points over the next few weeks to knock them out of that top spot, and the Bengals were just too damn good to succumb to the downfall of the ground losing Patriots. Someone forgot to tell them that if you hold a team to twelve points your team still had to score more than that. Yes it becomes a rather perplexing problem when your team has trouble scoring twelve points.

I actually have to say this, despite the fact that I have NO experience at knowing what I am talking about, but I think Cincinnati will be ok. I was really impressed with AJ McCarron yesterday. Not a big Bama fan, but when I hear former Bama QB drafted in the fifth round, I am thinking, "Well here's a guy that can hand the ball off," and was kinda shocked at how he could launch that ball with reasonable accuracy. I think a few weeks with the first team and he will be at least in the same caliber as Andy Dalton. He had some flashes of being pretty good yesterday, so at least the Bengals have hope.

On the other hand, the Broncos have a real problem right now. A Peyton problem since it appears that Peyton may be ready to go, and Osweiler looked, well, not good yesterday. I know I had just come out and said that the Peyton problem was solved finally just like that Tebow problem had gotten solved before him. Now it looks like there may be a new Peyton problem that beating the Raiders would have solved for a little longer. Now Denver might have to watch Peyton go in there, win a game, then another, then the playoffs. Hey Tebow one a playoff game with the Broncos too you know? It's going to be a very bad ending for the Broncos I think. As a Patriots fan, I can't wait to watch it!