Monday, November 30, 2015

The End of an Era

Oh the pain it brings me to put this logo in my blog ...
The Denver Broncos last night finally have an answer to a problem they have suffered during the reign of their last two quarterbacks. The Tebow syndrome that they had fallen under during the end of Tim Tebow’s career as the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos had finally settled into the man who replaced him, Peyton Manning. This is a syndrome where you have a quarterback that is good enough to win, and you can’t sit him while he is doing so, but on the other hand really isn’t the future of the team. Sure Peyton Manning was a great pick up for a couple of years but this year he walked into the season being a really heavy weight that was keeping the team down. You may not want to admit it, but after he broke Brett Favre’s passing record, and then lost the game you had to see that it was the end of his era, and Broncos fans were only going to get the solace of watching him in commercials during the Super Bowl and not playing in it once again.

I joked that Broncos fans would enjoy watching their quarterback go into the hall of fame wearing a Colts jersey, and that was about the best that it was going to do for them. Worse they were going to watch him get old right before their eyes, while their beloved team got old and tired with him. It didn’t lend well to what their last great quarterback was trying to do with the team, and his fear of not having a top flight quarterback to get them another ring kind of forced him into the deal with Manning. Of course as a Patriots fan I found that humorous since I personally can’t stand the team or Elway for that matter, but I did see a solution playing last week against the Bears. I had hoped he would flourish starting next week, but alas I can’t have it all. On the other hand it did end any hopes that Peyton Manning might have had of starting another game in Denver.

With that said I am not here to praise the Manning, but to bury him. He’s had a great run, and to be fair he wasn’t exactly Joe Namath wearing a Rams uniform, no he actually did have a great season, followed by a not so bad season, followed by his last season. The Broncos now have a real chance of getting to where John Elway would like his team to be, although it won’t be easy, the NFL isn’t exactly “easy” for any team. The good news for the team is that one question is answered in, “What will we do next year?” Regardless of what happens in this year the answer will be “Reload and make another go of it,” instead of what most people thought was going to be the question at the end of the season, “What are we going to do without Manning?”

One last point, just to show that I am not a typical fan. Well I am typical in the sense that I am not feeling great after a loss, but enough already with the poor officiating crap. Officiating is this bad all over the league right now and good teams don’t worry about bad officiating. You either make the score so big that it can’t affect you or you deal with the consequences. Yes the officiating might have been poor but simply catching a certain punt in the game would have ended it as well. Let’s give the Broncos their due and see what happens as the season goes on. I’m outta here.