Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The House That Madoff Built

I realize that there are a lot of people out there pulling for the Cubs, which at this point is probably a lost cause, but I want to give you all a reason to pull for the Mets. This isn’t just because I grew up a Mets fan, and used to take the subway out to see the games on the weekends. Of course truth be told the year I was officially in New Hampshire for the summer and decided I was a Red Sox fan (what a homer huh?) just happened to be the year that the Mets beat the Red Sox in the World Series. That of course will show that from the first year I became a Red Sox fan I was already a typical Red Sox fan (bitter) but have since gotten over all of that.

No you see a funny thing happened on the way to baseball mediocrity with the New York Mets. I’m sure you all remember when the Mets had the second biggest payroll in baseball trying to compete with the Evil Empire over in the Bronx. Yeah all those years when they would spend a fortune for a bunch of players that would mail it in after the ink on the first payroll check dried? I wasn’t a Mets fan anymore but as a Red Sox fan watching the exact same thing happen in Boston year after year I did feel their pain. There was really nothing that was going to stop all of that poor decision making except for one man, the man that should be the unofficial MVP of the New York Mets this year, Bernie Madoff.

Yes the man most famous for the Ponzi scheme than Ponzi himself, or even the United States Congress, Bernie Madoff is the reason the Mets are a juggernaut this year. Let’s just look back on the season, when people were just shocked that the Mets were even able to maintain a spot in first place because they couldn’t hit and their pitching was just too young to maintain that level of intensity. Day in day out even the idiots that run ESPN had to report on the Mets between their Vanity Fair agenda. Yes the New York Mets were such a surprise this year and how on Earth could Bernie Madoff have anything to do with that? He stole all of the Mets money.

That’s right because Bernie Madoff stole all of the Mets money they could no longer afford to go buy overpriced players. As a matter of fact they could barely afford to do anything in free agency for years, and because of that they were forced to squeak by using their farm system, developing young talent, and staying within their budget. Now they have more players from their own farm system on their team than any other team in baseball, not to mention one of the youngest. You would think that this isn’t a winning formula, but guess what? That last really good Yankees dynasty, with Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Andy Petite etc etc, was because the Yankees were forced to stay within their means for a bit so that Steinbrenner could get his YES network up and running. Go figure?

If you are a Mets fan you should hold a beer up to Bernie Madoff for forcing the Mets to finally get with the program that has drag St Louis Cardinals to the playoffs every year for like 854 years, and also managed to make the Atlanta Braves the second best team in baseball for a couple of decades. Those that are in the know, and those that have finally run out of money have learned that your farm system is what builds a dynasty. Now if we can only get a better farm system for politicians we’d be all set.