Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fantasy Sports are Huge. And I am a bandwagon jumper from the old days.

Men rejoice when October rolls around, the leaves are changing, the weather begins to cool and there is a palpable change in male behavior.  They begin to carry notebooks, jotting down statistics, taking notes from closely monitored websites. Sites promising the latest news, trades, injury reports, legal issues. If they studied biology this closely we would have a lot more doctors, and man would they know their stuff.

Men will rush home, wolf down dinner, jump in the car grab a six pack and head over to a friends house, a friend with the same addiction, the same need. Boasting and excuse making monopolize the conversation, and legal pads, post it notes and index cards are scattered everywhere.

That's right it is time for Fantasy Chess leagues, they are sweeping the country, even the places that are already pretty well swept. Yes, the time when every man can be a Grand Master.

Every man can take a seat at the World Chess Championship, and bask in the testosterone filled spotlight of his player throwing down a well played QxKr7ch, and watch his friend wither and crumble.  It gets no better than this.

Gambits, ploys and openings are dissected, discussed, criticized, praised, and talked practically to death. Middle games are plotted with a navigators precision, end game tactics are talked to death. Masculine reputations are built, destroyed, buried and resurrected, almost weekly.

I feel the need to say a "fantasy chess league" was Mike's (my younger cousin, who is so handsome it can actually be painful to look at him) idea, and I took it.  Family can be so frustrating, don't you agree?  Thank's Mike.

And, while I am confessing I should say this post is recycled from a couple of years ago. It is my new green initiative.