Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wanna-Be News Reporters

Well our friends at the social engineering network (ESPN) are at it again as they found out that major college football programs do this amazingly secretive thing called “Trash Talking,” and they will have none of that foolishness. Yes let’s be honest if there is going to be any trashed spewed out there it is going to be done by the most overpriced sports network on the planet, and not have any humor in it at all. Well there will be no humor aside from the fact that the many humorous factions at ESPN fashion themselves as real reporters, doing real news.

No seriously here, when you see the way the dolts at ESPN jump on a social issue instead of a sports issue, or a character issue instead of analyzing plays you can see how internally they must feel like failures. They wish they were doing actual news and not just reporting on grown men who get paid a lot more money than they make to play kids games. Now the way ESPN has brought middle school style drama up to a new low would make you wonder who is actually playing the kids games here.  Oh I’m sorry I forget to mention the sign (if you didn't gaze upon it above) that was being held up at the Alabama – Ole Miss Game that has had the ESPN political correctness police up in arms for days. It was a sign that read “Ole Miss Girls are easier than their out of conference schedule!” and that was just going too far.

Have none of these a-holes ever seen a Red-Sox – Yankees game? I mean the obnoxious signs are the least of your worries, the things that get caught on the audio feeds there can make a porn star blush. Even Yankees players have said that playing at Fenway park sucked because the Red Sox fans would do their homework and find out whatever it takes to cause real pain to the players, and yes I have heard such ditties like “Hey A-Roid I f***ed your wife last night, and she’s still pissed that she can’t find your dick!” loud and clear over the third base crowd mic. Certain fans call the seats in the line of the various crowd microphones a gift from God. I assure you God blushes at a lot of the things you hear live too.

I think I finally realized why they gave the ESPY for “Courage” to Bruclyn Jenner. It really has nothing to do with him coming out, and wearing gowns in public. It has a lot more to do with the fact that Bruce plans to go dickless sooner or later and the cast of characters on ESPN wanted to welcome him to the club, a little early.