Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shut Up and Report the Scores

Well tonight is the night. The New England Patriots will be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers to start the NFL season. Will it end any of the cheater discussion that has plagued the airwaves for the last three months? Not hardly, but it will start the ball rolling towards whatever will become of the whole ordeal. My half eyed approach to all of this is whether or not ESPN will survive, themselves. I mean you would think that they are pretty solid. They are one of the main reasons we all pay too much money for cable and satellite service, so they have been making their nut, but more and more people are starting to wonder why. I even ran into a Patriots hater today that said the ESPN stories about the Patriots have finally started to get silly. I think the Patriots stories might be the better things they have done over the last three months. Silly is starting to become their shtick.

I mean ESPN is no longer a sports network, they are a social engineering network. Let's be honest here. They just fired Curt Shilling for posting something to his Facebook page that noted the similarities between the NAZI movement and the ISLAMIC movement. We all know this has more to do with the mouse than it does anything else, because when the lunatic fringe decide they are going after ESPN for not toting the line, they will protest Disney World, not the ESPN offices in Connecticut. It's been destroying everything that Disney owns. You wait until you see the psycho left go after the mouse if they don't get a socially acceptable Star Wars, but I digress. Back to the ESPN issues. Did anyone notice that while ESPN was wasting time hoisting "Courage" awards on Caitlin Realitystar, they totally ignored one of the best Special Olympics seasons in a long time? They had plenty of Deflategate updates but not a single Special Olympics story. They don't do feel good stuff any more it is all blood curling hate and anything else that is just in your face.

This has a lot to do with the social engineering. We have a "You Didn't Earn That" president, a "The Richest One Percent" society and now apparently ESPN is leading the way to make sure that accomplishment breeds hate in sports too. It's the new American way after all, and if you are in denial about it then start reading the posts on social media, and not just compete with them. No I am looking forward to getting up tomorrow and finding out who won the football game. The one between the worst cheaters in the history of cheaters and the team that is quarterbacked by a rapist and has a dog murderer as his back up. Yeah I know it is petty of me to bring those things up, but I wanted a little contrast in all of this lunatic fringe hate I see everywhere. It doesn't seem like we live in the real world anymore. We live in the ESPN world. God Bless the Idiots.