Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Suplex City: The Trip for Mean Mark Calaway


A near 6'10', 300 pound giant, who could once stroke terror among pro-wrestling casuals, just by his glass-frozen eyes, built as the 'dead-man' by Vincent McMahon was dropped an intense warning by the Beast-Incarnate, as all the fans who have watched WWE in the last 20 years were filled with great nostalgia, even with 'The Undertaker' doing his best to look the big monster he was, a breathless-mortal was all his fans saw, and trips to the golden period were due, as a laughing beast walked out with smile even after a fierce battle against 'The Phenom'.

The entrance, the pyrotechnics, the sudden appearances and departures, all made for his character to be virtually gold, every time the lights went out, and the sound of the tong-bell started, you could be a modern human of the 21st century, and smart enough to know who is appearing next, but yet the heart-beats raised, every experiment and task his character went through, a layer of mystique was added to his character, but when Brock hurled that smile to the security guards, even after a vicious brawl, cum fist-fight with whom JR labelled the 'best striker in the business',  the mystique was all lost. Fans realized the presence of 'Mark Calaway' rather than cherished demon.

No longer it is 'The lord of darkness' on but a legend who wants to give back to his beloved employer for two decades, and all the fans. He is indeed giving back, even when it is time for him to sit back and rest, after all the pain and hardships his body has been through in all those years.

WWE turned a 'Mean' Mark Calaway into 'The Undertaker', and the genius of Vince and dedication of the man himself turned the gimmick, which was destined to be a joke, into possibly the greatest gimmick in pro-wrestling history.

Portrayed as unbeatable early in his career, he was put over the likes of Hogan, Warrior and more without barely selling any move he was put through, which helped him establish as a real unstoppable phenomenon. Shades of mortality was brought into his character few years later, but yet he always remained the 'cold-hearted' demon.Be it carrying his defeated opponents in carry-bags or the presenting the 'last-rides', who can forget the 'brave' Mick Foley been thrown off the top of the cell. His skill and presence were such that even after a run as an 'American bad-ass', he could still return to being the dead-man, and people could still get into the gimmick.

WWE went PG, came closer to reality, kayfabe seemed a lost term, yet Mark always stayed in the Cartoon and the attitude eras, and so he did in style. He only became a better performer with time, his battles in recent years with Batista, Edge, HBK, Triple H, and Punk are a testament to that. Wrestlemania was his playground, and everyone who stepped up to break the streak, went down until 'The Beast' himself answered the call and as Paul Heyman says, ' The one in 21 and 1' he became.
The dark-minister was a yesteryear's deal, and we realised, that even the phenom was a victim, a victim of aging and time. He did came back at the grandest stage to fight the new 'Face of fear' but even the 'You've still got it' chants could not hide the fact the trip to 'Tombstone City' is coming closer and closer to the end.