Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Above you see the more accomplished "Jets" holding the Kool-Aid that fans of the "other" Jets must drink ..
It's times like this that I thank God I never became a Video Blogger. A player by the name of IK Enemkpali took a sucker punch at his teammate Geno Smith, fracturing his jaw and putting the starting QB for the Jets out of commission for six to ten weeks. We have still yet to figure out if this is a good or a bad thing but the chances are that even IK Enemkpali could be a better quarterback than Geno Smith. It would be hard for him to be worse.

Being a Jets fan probably means that you are used to the stupidest things interfering with your football season, but this one takes the cake (unless the rumor that the owner of the team paid IK Enemkpali to break his jaw and give the team hope are true) especially considering that the last quarterback to take them to the promised land (in the freaking 60's folks!) suffered a broken jaw and played the next week! I'm not being critical here because I have never had a broken jaw, and from what I hear it sucks, but what I am wondering about is what will become of IK Enemkpali?

This happens to be one of those places where the NY Jets tend to excel. Being the clown college for the NFL has been the Jet's method of operation for quite some time now. It was cute when Broadway Joe did it, for the last forty six years, not so much. Think about this, but they just got rid of Rex "Pretty Pretty Feet" Ryan and before that the best news story the Jets had was when Belichick had his melt down at his acceptance speech for the coaches job and skipped town for New England. Can you really look back on the last fifteen years of the Jets and not think that was the FIRST brilliant decision he made as a head coach?

Now of course I am a New England fan, so I have a special place in Hell that I hope is reserved for most Jets fans, but they are one of my favorite train wrecks year after year. When Darrelle Revis left for the Jets, I wasn't upset like most Patriots fans seemed to be. I mean it wasn't about the money, the Jets could offer Revis something that the Patriots couldn't, January and December off. They appear to be getting a head start on eliminating themselves this year, which is probably the best thing they can do for their fans.