Monday, July 27, 2015

WWE: Hogan, Benoit and erasing Memories

So, the megastar of the 80s and 90s, the biggest draw of WWE at the time needs to be forgotten, or at least Mr. McMahon wants everyone to, and rubbing salt to the wounds is the near $50 Million loss which came following the N-word saga which has left Hulk Hogan to do nothing but curse himself to his irresponsible use of words. But, can he be forgotten by all the pro-wrestling followers, can WWE erase all his memories from the brains of the WWE universe, the answer to this is NO.

While I am not an economist, nor I know a thing about 'business organisations' but I strongly think their mysterious erasing of the brand of Hulk Hogan from all the possible mediums, might have caused initial panic resulting in all the losses which followed immediately. I have been a great fan of WWE's social work and all its campaigns but I am yet to be a fan of WWE reacting to certain stuff in a strange way, more than not just trying to distance itself from certain issues, but in an era when you just need a cute little Google search to bring the universe into your smartphone, is that the correct solution?

One case which was even more tough and sensitive was the alleged Chris Benoit double-murder and suicide controversy of 2007. As circumstances and events of the horrific-tragedy were revealed, WWE immediately started to distance the Benoit name from itself, and the once big-draw and a great wrestler was unceremoniously edited from all the history books. Although it is a crime he committed, and he would be called a murderer by all but as I still surf through the Internet, the name Chris Benoit is not difficult to find, every time taken with sympathy and nostalgia. So, has WWE erased his memories, NO.

The Benoit saga, one would wonder might have had WWE come out as just another soap-opera promotion when it could have come out as a iconic global organisation. They could have come out and talked about the issues openly, stating the dangers a pro-wrestler goes through in trying to entertain the fans, and also clarify the measures they take for the welfare of their athletes. After all no fan wants another human to go through what Benoit and his family did, just for the sake of what we call entertainment. WWE's policies should be around clearing any confusions that surface, and not play a part to kindle up already fired-up issues.