Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Of Mice, Men and Honesty

I have said for a very long time to any of the women that I have become friends with that the very last thing you better ever look for in a man is one who doesn’t like sports. It’s a fact of life, but women in their infinite wisdom many decades ago started believing the crap that the women’s movements had been selling them, and perfection is what they require. I am not saying that everything about the women’s movement was bad, I am just saying that the hyper feminism, that believes you can have men that are at one with their feminine side is a fallacy. Worse than that, the men that have women convinced that they are in touch with their feminine side know that certain women will fall for that, and those women will live in utter denial over it too.

Getting back to the men who hate sports, it doesn’t matter what sport your man likes he has to like at least one. Those that are outspoken about how much they hate sports, are almost always the ones that get their manliness out of abusing women, but often children, and at the very least they tend to be a cheater. Think long and hard about that because you actually do know these people, and honesty will make you nod, not snicker. The absolute worst of the worst are the ones who defend how much they hate sports, but with the caveat, unless you include hunting. That’s where I have always found the worst of the worst base common denominator. It’s the same as saying, “I don’t like competition, but I love to kill things,” and think about THAT with a little honesty.

I am not against hunting, and I am the most pro-gun advocate you will ever meet, but when you get down to the brass tacks of it, I never enjoyed it. I have had family members who can explain hunting in a way that would have kept their wives around if they had spoken of making love the same way. I on the other hand can talk the same way about going to a butcher shop and getting their most excellent steaks killed and cut for me, because hunting has never been fun. That doesn’t mean I don’t defend other people’s rights to do it, or in a few cases the necessity to do it. I don’t speak well of the deer overpopulation either. I am just not one of them.

This is where it comes down to the people who go to various other countries and kill endangered species, or protected wildlife. In these human beings you have something that is completely black. Their mothers either spanked them too much or not enough. People have had an issue saying no to them for an awful long time, or perhaps they have a home life that is completely unfulfilling where they hear no way too often. I have no idea what makes one of those people work, and I don’t want to, because for me to even comprehend their minds means that something inside of me is dying as well. I might like the barbarity of professional football, but those are willing participants entertaining people for money, and it satisfies all of my barbarity. To compare the two means you lost your ability to understand humanity.