Friday, May 8, 2015

Integrity of the What?

I have to admit, I totally understand the NFL worrying about the integrity of the game. What I am a little confused about is that they would be willing to let an AFC Championship game play out the first half, with a team cheating just so that they could catch them cheating. Think about that for a minute, and don’t start going into hysterics about whether or not you hate the team involved. The integrity of the game means that you would reinforce the rules of the game before, during and after the game. There is no middle ground there when it comes to the integrity of the game.

Let’s go a bit further and say, if the integrity of the game is so important, and now you have a sting operation in effect to prove that a team is cheating, with the sole purpose of proving that they are doctoring the footballs. Wouldn’t you make sure that the start weights of the footballs would be recorded? Wouldn’t you keep an eye on the footballs for the duration of the sting operation? Would you feel comfortable with the balls leaving the chain of custody, for periods of time that you can’t account for? I’m sure you would if it would create places to insert innuendo about the chain of custody or times that the balls could have been tampered with.

This whole thing is over for me after this. I don’t care anymore, and I am awaiting the punishment phase of the whole thing. To be totally honest with you, as a Patriots fan, I hope they come down hard on the Patriots, and I don’t even think they did anything wrong. I mean they found 4 of the 5 Colts footballs they tested to be under weight. The best way for the REST of the facts to come out is to suspend Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, let their attorneys bring all of the evidence out, and if they still get suspended lets watch the whole NFL burn to the ground with what a terrible operation the whole thing was.

The biggest problem with this whole affair is that the NFL didn’t actually protect the integrity of the game, they simply wanted to feed the pig, and get the headlines of catching the Patriots cheating so all the fans that hate them can have a reason to watch the Super Bowl. When it was obvious that they couldn’t even conduct a sting well in lieu of actually protecting the integrity of the game, they simply had to come out with, “Well Tom Brady must know something” and let Hater Nation take over from there. Fine, I’m with you all, let’s get as harsh a punishments as we possibly can out there and see what happens. I hope they at the very least change the section on the NFL website that states the punishment for tampering with game balls is a fine of $25,000, before they go whole hog treating it like a capital offense.