Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here's To YOU Everywhere Hatriots!

We here at the Sports Whacko would like to congratulate the Everywhere Hatriots for finally winning, what is YOUR Superbowl. You can finally be proud of yourselves, and to celebrate we made you a trophy. Yes, no more being losers, you are finally winners! You can sit through all of those painful things like ..

  1. Watching them cheaters hoist yet another Super Bowl Championship Banner at Gillette Stadium ..
  2. Watching the weekly footage of the FOUR Lombardi Trophies in the Patriots trophy case that they must have stolen ..
  3. Watching Bill Belichick dismantle YOUR team with perfectly inflated footballs, no video camera's and probably no pads or cleats before all is said and done ..
  4. Watching Tom Brady at his Hall of Fame Induction talking about how he owes it all to you for making him even MORE famous than Whatshisname from the 49ers, or Thatguy from the Steelers ..

All the while knowing that you finally have a trophy that sums up the only victory you get in all of this, and what a loser you USED to be, but now are a #$%^ing Winner! Better book that flight to Disney World (To hang out with the rest of the characters) ..