Monday, April 27, 2015

The Scrappy Underdog Syndrome

Everyone loves an underdog but they are an underdog for a reason. My favorite basketball team (the Boston Celtics) just got bounced unceremoniously from the playoffs and I am perfectly fine with that. This is where my fandom really gets odd to most people, but I really like the scrappy teams that just surprisingly win games. This year's Boston Celtic were my favorite to watch in a long time, because they just weren't supposed to be a good team and they were. You may find this odd from a Patriots fan but lets face it, the Patriots started off as a huge underdog, and have never been a real "star power" team, and I like that.
Back to the Celtics, but this is where the pro game of basketball and the college game of basketball separate and why college basketball is arguably a more popular sport than the pro game. You can have amazing upsets in the college game, that lead all the way to a championship. This is not a real possibility in the professional game, because basketball really comes down to superstars, and not a team effort. You can say what you want but until I see the traveling rule get enforced properly then a big skilled basketball player is all you need to get far, and two or three of them will preclude the scrappy little teams from goings anywhere. I still like watching the scrappy little teams and am fine with the way it is.
Of course there will always be people hating on the big guys of the game of basketball, and I am happy to report that I am not one of them. Hating that one guy that is that much better than your entire team, is just a great way to be disappointed. My Celtics were bounced out by the Cavaliers which are loaded with talent. The Celtics have how many championship banners hanging from their rafters because of the exact same tactic? Yeah, it is one of the things that makes professional basketball hard to take, but then again, if you are a fan of the scrappy underdog like me, you can get a good season every once in a while, and I wouldn't trade that for the world.