Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hater Nation Looks Just Like Chicken

I never could understand the concept of hating on greatness. I’m not saying this just because I am a Patriots fan, and I want to whine about how people hate on my team. No to the contrary, I am also a Red Sox fan which means that I have to root against the Yankees, but I have never hated the Yankees just because they are the Yankees. I would hang my head in shame when I the fans at Fenway park would start chanting “Yankees Suck” because it was not only childish, but just about always untrue.

I was reading all of the brilliant musings of all of the people that hate the Duke Blue Devils basketball team. Again as a Patriots fan I see the excellence that that basketball team has had since coach K took them over and I would wish that people would appreciate that too. Of course not, the average petty, childish human animal that we are brings out the basest instincts to just hate on greatness. I may be just as bad as I was rooting for Duke because I saw an opportunity to watch Hater Nation crying in their cornflakes the next day.

I also might be just as bad that I would root against Lebron James. I didn’t when he was in Cleveland, but then I did when he was in Miami, and I thought that was going to carry along to when he went back to Cleveland and it hasn’t. Lebron really seems to be enjoying NOT being the star and just playing the game this year, and for some reason I became endeared to this. Go figure? Even as my own mild hating issues come out I appear to have hope. Don’t get me started on the Montreal Canadiens though. I really hate them, but for the same reasons I should hate the Yankees. They spoil a lot of Bruins seasons just like the Yankees are the obstacle to the Red Sox winning it all.

The problem with the two juggernaut teams that my home teams always seem plagued to deal with is I can transfer my rage. Once the Canadiens knock the Bruins out of contention (and trust me they have done it an awful lot) I put on my Bruins gear and root for the Canadiens. Division has to represent after all. I could do this for the Yankees to. The Yankees after all have been a very likable team for the last few decades. Sure they had (have) players that I hate *coughcoughARODcoughcough* but they also had players that were loveable like Derek Jeter. Some players have left the Red Sox and gone to the Yankees, but again, wouldn’t you?

With the start of baseball season (THANK GOD) I have my Red Sox cap on. I remind people that my second favorite baseball team just so happens to be one that embarrassed the Red Sox in a World Series during the 80s. My third favorite team at the moment (third favorite changes from year to year) is in the same division as the Red Sox, the Baltimore Orioles. How in the name of GOD can a Red Sox fan have the Orioles as his third favorite team? How’s this for not holding a grudge? Dan Doucette is the General Manager of the Orioles. I always liked him even though most Red Sox fans don’t, and I like to see him get a second chance and do very good with it. I guess I might suck as a fan by today’s standards, but I love the game.