Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You're Paid to be a Role Model Regardless

I have to tell you that last year’s NFL season was plagued with a lot of crap that needed to be taken care of in the legal system and not the contract system. I have opinions, and of course like the hole in my backside everyone has one. For the most part I do get aggravated when a system is used to prove a point, and become a testing ground for the way “others” would have it everywhere. That doesn’t mean I approve of the behavior that got the football players and owners into heat last season either. Once you start interfering with a person's ability to earn a living because they have "issues" then you can start doing that to anyone and for any "issues" but again, I don't approve of the behavior and worse than that I judge famous people differently, because they don't even respect that being famous means they will be caught being an idiot.

Let me break down a few of these and then give an opinion, and an aftermath scenario. I’ll start with the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, just because it is easier to talk about someone who is filthy rich, and is perceived to have a different set of standards. Jim Irsay was arrested on DUI and possession charges last year. He plead to a misdemeanor the season before driving drunk, so I think it is safe to say that the man has a problem. In my mind, there are a few problems here, the first of which is that he obviously has an abuse problem, the second is a problem with his decision making skills because he could afford a driver, instead of taking the life of others in his hands. The third is simply a public relations problem, but when you are a drunk and a junkie you deserve one of those.

The of course we have Mr. Ray Rice who unless you have been living on a deserted island you know the man has some temper issues to say the least. He in my opinion also has a decision making problem because he didn’t respect his own brand enough to comprehend that you don’t hit women. Does that mean that there aren’t women who deserve to be hit? Oh yes, there are a lot of women in the world who deserve to be hit, and I have heard from all of the people defending Ray Rice that his fiancé (now wife) was one of those, but again, if you don’t understand that you are a brand and public relations is everything, then you don’t deserve a brand. Yes it is sexist of me to say this but if you get paid millions to be an athlete then you have to hold yourself to a higher standard to continue that, especially when as an athlete you were on the decline anyway.

This leads me to Adrian Peterson. I have been very vocal and opinionated about him ever since it came out that he beat his child the way he did. I don’t personally care how you grew up, sure most people got spanked, and yes there are things that deserve a spanking, but there is also such a thing as the role of an absentee parent. We all know how this works, even if we don’t like it or wish it were different, but the job of an absentee parent is to show up once in a while, spoil you rotten, and then send you home. By being an absentee parent you basically make up for it by being the fantasy parent or the fairy God parent. If you are just a baby daddy, that is famous and makes a lot of money, then you DEFINITELY need to fill this role. To take time out of your rare visitations to beat the hell out of your kid, is more damaging than just being apparent beating the hell out of your kid, because then the child is wondering why everyone adores this man I never see and all he seems to do is beat my ass? I must be THAT bad.

Now the real issue comes about that Adrian hurt his team by being out all of last year, they didn’t release him, they didn’t trash him. What does Adrian do other than come back and earn his respect that I am sure he lost, he, his agent, and his entourage trash the team and want to be released? Yeah we get that there are teams out there that would love AP in their backfield, and we get that there are some fans that don’t care about who and what AP does off the field, but I want you to keep this in mind, people like Adrian Peterson are damn good, but they don’t play for teams that are damn good. Remember this when you are chatting up how you need this guy to make your team better. Your team is that bad already, and you need to think about a different strategy, and PRAY that your ownership doesn’t listen to you.