Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let Me Tell You How to Ice a Kicker

This is the silly season in the NFL as I have said all along. Now the owners meetings are in full effect, and I heard the silliest rules idea I think I have heard in a decade from the Indianapolis Colts. They feel that the answer to the whole “point after” debate is to have all teams go for a two point conversion, and then if they make it, they can try for a third point by hitting a fifty yard field goal. If you answered, “The owner of that team is obviously still drinking too much,” then we have a winner.

If anyone really cares about getting rid of the PAT (point after attempt) because it seems too automatic, then just make the kick more difficult. The problem is where do you put the ball? I mean most of these NFL kickers can bang out a fifty yard field goal with their eyes closed now. The knock on this is that a fifty yard extra point would make it worth trying to block, and this would create injuries for a stupid extra point. I myself think you don't move the ball back, but move it over. Move the line over to the far right or the far left, and kick it from the two yard line. That type of kick would take some serious talent and actually might make field goals more difficult too, if the kickers have to kick PATs from the sideline, they get out of the habit of just driving the ball forward as hard as they can.

This would probably make the PAT a different decision as well. If the kick is tricky like this I would assume that many offensive coordinators would think a two point conversion would be more probable in a lot of cases. Throw in the fact that your teams that score a lot of touchdowns might just throw their kicker out of whack by having to drill a lot of corner shots, and on the off chance that they have done a lot of those then driving the ball forward might now be harder to do because they are out of rhythm. I might be over thinking this but it sure sounds a lot brighter than the two point, then a PAT idea. I don't know what they will finally decide on but if I had my guess it would be absolutely nothing. It is the silly season after all.