Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'll Believe it When I See Differently

What a difference a day makes huh? This is the official start of the NFL “Silly Season” as you see all of the early free agency signings, the last minute retirements, and of course the speculation that comes with all of it. I love American Football, so I can get just as lost in all of this as anyone, but having a favorite team that happens to be the Super Bowl champion, has gone to six Super Bowls in the last 15 years and has been in a whopping nine AFC championship games over that same span, I have the luxury of not getting too gassed over what does and does not happen.

I am afraid of the Buffalo Bills right now, because they hired the best available coach, brought in a great team of coaches, picked up some key trades and already had a top level defense. That’s about as far as it goes though, because regardless of what the Dolphins and the Jets do they are still the Dolphins and the Jets. Hate to break it to people out there but if Donkey Kong ends up in Miami that will just ruin an already bad salary cap situation. Didn’t you see them release all of their wide receivers? Did you not watch the worst managed team in the NFL fire a good defensive coach and replace him with someone who may be as good as the one they just fired, but I doubt it?

My team of course lost the best cornerback in the NFL because they really couldn’t afford him. I’m ok with that and the fact that he ended up on the worst managed team in the NFL, doesn’t exactly make me “scared” ok? The team that used to be the worst managed team in the NFL over there in Detroit (one of my favorite December train wrecks) seems to be taking things really seriously right now. You mean to tell me that trading for Haloti Ngata wasn’t one of the most responsible things they have done in near a decade? Especially considering that even getting in the running for Ndamukong Suh would place them in dire cap need with dire personnel needs?

My other favorite train wreck over in the NFC North (Da Bears) also appear to have realized that they need grownups in charge of their team finally, and might finally be getting into the football business and out of the comedy business. This also makes me need to take a jab at the guy who got rid of the grownups that Chicago pounced on the minute they became available. Yes you guessed it, the Denver Broncos have finally found a use for John Elway that doesn’t piss me off like he did as a quarterback making my Patriots look bad. His vision for the team wasn’t compatible with John Fox’s which from the outside looking in would be a team getting old and sad before his very eyes. I’m on board for that!

When it gets right down to it there are only 3 teams I trust to be a handful for everyone else every year. The Patriots, and that includes with or without Tom Brady, because their system will always be in the running. The Ravens, because even though I hate them almost as much as any other team in the NFL, they have a team philosophy and swagger that will always make them a handful for any team that plays them. Lastly and it pains me almost as much as the Ravens to say this, The Steelers, because like the other two teams mentioned they will run that team like a well oiled machine every year. The team attitudes and philosophies are what make these teams perennial contenders with rings to show it. All of the other teams out there trying to buy the Cadillac to drive them to the Super Bowl better make sure that the warranty hasn’t expired.

There are fringe teams that always have a chance, but all have the exact same problem. They are one injury away from being irrelevant. The Colts, same old story as the Manning years, because if Andrew Luck goes down and they are a 2 and 14 team if that. Their pathetic division doesn’t hurt of course, but with the Titans hiring adults to run that team finally maybe that will change. Houston now has two former Patriot backups so that should, um, oh who knows they are probably 6 and 10 if they play great. That other Florida team will always stink.

How about them Seahawks? Now there’s a team that always looks lucky to me. They were almost lucky enough to win a Super Bowl this year. Of course the 49ers demonstrated why they aren’t the Joe Montana 49ers anymore, as they imploded, making the rest of the fans in the NFL wonder what the hell is wrong with them? What is wrong with them is them. Arizona could be a great team, unless they aren’t. That was their formula last year and I have a feeling, it will be their formula this year too. I say this every year and I am almost right every year, but still wrong. Watch out for the Rams. Actually Los Angeles should look out for the Rams.

The only thing I know for sure is that baseball season starts pretty soon, and then I can get my mind off football until August, and then find out how wrong everything I just wrote was by October when baseball season ends. If you think the things I write about football stink wait until baseball season gets into full swing.