Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Full Circle Effect

The real problem with sports coverage today is that it is so racist, it interferes with the actual coverage of the games. I know that last statement probably baffles a lot of people, but you need to consider these things when you listen to sports media in general. Without getting too political about it, some may have noticed that sports reporters can be some of the most left wing weirdos out there (think about Bob Costas as an example), and unfortunately this translates to a lot of the problems that come from the far left, and one of those is racism, even if you don’t think of it as racism.

Think of it this way, but who is the first golf report in every sports broadcast about? If you guessed Tiger Woods you are absolutely correct. Now a days you hear about how dreadfully bad Tiger Woods was before you hear about how good anyone else was. Does anyone remember the last time Tiger Woods won a tour event? That would be August of 2013 which ended his run that started in March of 2013. Before that the last time he really made any news was 2009, when his marriage blew up and his extra marital issues took center stage. He hadn't won anything since before then. Of course after his last win he managed to stay #1 for almost a year despite how bad he played.

If you look at the football world I was amused all year by the way the sports talk world behaved as it pertained to a certain wide receiver on the Green Bay Packers. We always hear about Mr MVP on that team because he is a great quarterback and all, but rarely do we hear about the players that have a lot to do with him being at that level. My amusement really hit its stride when I saw why I never really hear anything about Jordy Nelson. You see the sports talk guys always seem to have to bring on a black guest to talk about why Jordy doesn't get the credit he deserves. My favorite quote was “People don’t believe he is the fastest man in football because he is white,” and then the two white hosts thank the black guest profusely for saying that since they can’t. Really? Really?

I thought the Jerry Cooney days were over in sports, but it appears that it just keeps getting worse and worse. Worse in the other direction it seems. I watched Charles Barkley come out and call looters and rioters rotten people, and then Kenny Smith has to come out and say that Charles doesn't understand in an open letter. Coming out as “pro looter and rioter” because someone no longer understands the plight of the black man, really was a jump the shark moment for my tolerance on what has become the racist level of sports reporting. Of course I might have to have a black friend come on and rewrite this, so that it will maintain some credibility.

If you think I am really pressing here, how about a few of the sports stories that have been going around after the Super Bowl? My favorite of these of course was the one that said, Pete Carroll had chosen to call the pass play that ended the Seahawks chance of a comeback because “they didn't want the black man to be the MVP” and yes this was not only a story but all of sports media had to discuss it. I would probably be considered a racist if I pointed out that Russell Wilson doesn't exactly seem white, but here’s the dirty little secret … when these sports guys say “black guy” they mean “thug” and you really can’t get more racist than that.