Monday, February 2, 2015

The Dynasty Goes on and on and on and on

Well I took most of the day to shovel myself out of yet another blizzard, and poke around the reactions to yesterday’s Super Bowl. Really the only thing I got right was that the Patriots would win. No blowout and technically you could have given Russell Wilson another MVP, because he really pulled that one out for the Patriots at the end. The good news is the Patriots won, the better news is that we won’t have to watch another Super Bowl on the worst network for another three years. I mean seriously, NBC really makes football unwatchable, and aside from the Super Bowl I won’t watch the gang of idiots that run that show. I feel sorry for Al Michaels being surrounded by pansies, and buffoons.

Well now that I have that out of my system, I tried to go to bed several times last night, and my wife wouldn't let me. Every step of the last quarter (over an hour in Super Bowl minutes) was just torture, right down to the miraculous catch that put the Seahawks in inevitable Marshawn Lynch scamper distance. It was like the last two Patriots Super Bowls all over again, um, until the Seahawks totally screwed it all up. Then the fights broke out as America’s favorite team (anyone playing the Patriots) went even further implosion than even Green Bay could have committed two weeks prior.

I really don’t care; all of the euphoria that should have come with the Patriots in the Super Bowl was gone because everyone was enjoying the Ben Roethlisberger first date fun that ESPN committed on the Patriots right after the AFC championship game. (Yeah I threw that out there because I am bitter, but you would have thought the Patriots had a rapist on their team or something) followed by the Ray Lewis Super Bowl Party that almost all of the news media followed in with. (Again Ray Lewis wants to talk about other people’s legacies. The murderer on the Patriots is in prison where he belongs)

It was hard to tune out all of the Colts Home Field artificial crowd noise, for the last two weeks, but then again they were the most fined team in the entire NFL this season. Actually for those that think it is Detroit, heck they didn't even make the top 10, and the Patriots? They barely cracked the top 20. I never really cared about any of these stats but enough is enough already. The Sporting News reported right before the Super Bowl that all the media, especially ESPN lied to all of you. Of the 11 Patriots balls that were “under inflated” 10 were barely less than 12.5 lbs, just like would happen in the weather conditions, and the 1 that was 2 lbs under … defective!

My favorite football team now has 4 Lombardi Trophies. Tom Brady now holds most of the quarterback Super Bowl records, and nobody is going to be able to derail that. I know I will forever hear the chatter, the unabashed name calling and what not, but the glass houses are a wonderful thing to aim at. Pitchers and catchers report in another month and then it is all Red Sox for this boy!