Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Big Day

It’s been a long two weeks, especially if you are a Patriots fan, but today is the day of truth. All talk of who cheats, who has a bigger mouth, who is better, and who will win can finally be settled later today. As much as I love football season, it is kind of turning into the end of the Bush presidency for me, in that I just want it to end. I am hoping for a better outcome in the ending of this football season though.

I always have to apologize first for being a Patriots fan. This is the envy driven world we live in. I have to state that I remember sitting in the old Shafer Stadium with an icicle hanging off my nose, with my 8$ ticket to watch the 1 – 13 Patriots lose, as they usually did. I have to say that I remember watching the Patriots get murdered by the Chicago Bears in their first Super Bowl, and point out that I can name most of the players on that team. This is where we stand folks because the Patriots are hated, for whatever reason, but cheating ISN'T the number one reason.

For over a week the most important news in the world was under inflated footballs. Many people (ok not too many) people were assessing the situation logically; most were just trying to drive the point home that the Patriots are cheaters. A whole lot of people were driving this point home, not to the Patriots organization because let’s face it, they don’t care, but to shame the Patriots fans for being Patriots fans. This is where I have been the last week. Once I took the attitude of “enough is enough already” I was able to discover some interesting life facts that I was ignorant to or thought I could change.

My total is now up to six. Six people who blocked, unfriended me, or whatever over my comments to over the top posts about my team. In theory I am usually pretty proud of driving people away with my politics, but my football team? All of these people I had been good to with the +1s or Likes or a thoughtful comment here and there, and it took them removing me from their lexicon to realize they were never very good online friends anyway. It still ticked me off, but in the same vein it bolstered my wanton need to be a loud mouth about my team. I think this might have been a good thing.

Today’s game should be pretty good, but I just want to put this out there so that I am on the record. This Seahawks team has a good defense. This Seahawks team has a great running back, and a great running quarterback, who as a person and a player I really like. This Seahawks team is missing BOTH of the wide receivers that carried them in the last Super Bowl, and it is missing key pieces of its defense from last year. People like to talk about how lucky the Patriots were to beat the Ravens, but they don’t talk so much about how the Packers lost the NFC Championship game more than the Seahawks won it.

In a perfect world, the Patriots will hand the Seahawks their asses and send them back up north with nothing to talk about aside from conspiracies of how the Patriots destroyed them. Unfortunately the Patriots don’t usually play the big games this way. As a suffering Patriots fan, I hope that Belichick and the rest of the team understand what we as Patriots fans need is a total beat down to be euphoric over until next year’s football season begins. At least it will help us all to tune out the noise that all the haters will be crying about until then.