Saturday, January 24, 2015

HaterNation the Legion of Boom and Me

My home team happens to be the Patriots, so of course I am noticing all of the chatter going around about “Inflate Gate” etc. It really didn’t matter to the outcome of the Colts game, but I do understand the arguments that it is the “integrity of the game” that certain people are complaining about. Of course that isn’t why everyone is complaining about this. There are quite a few people out there that just hate a winner, or assume that all winners had to cheat to get there. In that alone, the coverage of this is getting silly.
I don’t actually know what happened, but there are a plethora of scenarios that could have happened. Not the least of these is my personal belief that it would be very hard for a ball boy to deflate footballs undetected by the bazillion cameras that are around. Yes I understand that the evil Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady have cloaking devices and other means of hiding these things, but let’s just stick with the probable for a moment. In the end the whole controversy just gets sillier and sillier the more people talk about it.
In a perfect world the Patriots will destroy the Seahawks and then fans of the Patriots can just say “count the rings” all off season. If the Seahawks win then we will go back to listening to all the haters talking about how they couldn’t win without cheating. It doesn’t really get anyone anywhere. The legacies of anyone who ever played for the Patriots aren’t on the line, no matter how much crying and sniveling goes on. The Patriots are still playing in the Super Bowl, and what probably really pisses people off is they can lose draft picks and still be a top team. They did it before and they’ll do it again.
To show how silly it has gotten, when Tom Brady said “This isn’t ISIS, nobody is dead” in his press conference there was a little chuckle going around the office about how he will be lambasted for being an Islamaphobe next. Seriously folks, there is way too much time invested in this when I am sitting in my office listening to Glenn Beck take an hour out of my life with it, although they pretty much decided that Richard Sherman is worse than anything the Patriots have ever done. Pretty soon, people will have someone on the team in the SUV with Aaron Hernandez, which from what I remember people wanted Bellichick fired for that one too.
HaterNation can go on for another month after the Super Bowl, until pitchers and catchers report. Then they can hate on the Yankees or the Giants or whoever they are supposed to hate on for the spring. Football season will come next year and you can get back to hating the Patriots, but I won’t be spending any time defending them anymore, just taunting those who dedicate more blood sweat and tears to hating my team, than to loving their own. That’s not what I would think is the beauty of being a sports fan but to each their own.