Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clash of Dynasty

I make no illusions that I am anything more than a fire breathing New England Patriots fan. I have been since the Steve Grogan to Stanley Morgan years, and I can name 100’s of Patriots players before Tom Brady, and that is all it takes to be a real Patriots fan in my book. I have sat through 1-13 Patriots seasons clinging to the fact that, the Patriots only lost to that John Elway led Denver Broncos team 6 to 3, or 9 to 6, back when he was bringing his teams to Super Bowls. I remember when we couldn’t win in Miami and then when we finally did, we got to go to New Orleans and get humiliated by the Chicago Bears. I have street cred here, and I don’t care how many people hate the Patriots or label them cheaters because, that’s just how good they have been over the last couple of decades.
Yeah to be honest with you, I don’t hate Bill Parcells; because he was the reason the Patriots stopped being the laughing stock of the league. I loved Pete Carroll and the immature attitude he brought to his press conferences, and of course what’s not to love about Bill Belichick (well if you are a Patriots fan anyway). I reserve all of my hate to players, teams and coaches worthy of scorn. I hate the Bills, Jets and Dolphins although truth be told I hate the Bills a lot less than the other two. I despise the Broncos and the Ravens, but none of them compare to how much I hate the Chargers. Most importantly I hate almost every team that happens to be playing the Patriots next. This of course makes a very difficult problem for me this week, as the Patriots are playing the Colts. Yes, the Indianapolis Colts are one of the few teams I have never really hated, and especially not now.
With all of that laid out there, I do hope the Colts lose. I don’t even mind if the Patriots humiliate them, there just isn’t any hate there. Seriously folks, even during the Peyton Manning days I didn’t hate the Colts. I mean by the end of the season you got really sick of seeing him in a bazillion commercials, but the Tony Dungy led Colts with Peyton Manning at the helm was nothing worthy of hatred, but now with two of the classiest guys in the game, Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck? It would be a one way trip to Hell to hate either of those guys, and yes I am a Patriots fan which means my big mouth and ego can be off the charts!
I really just wanted to put this out there so that I am on the record. This weekend you have the opportunity to see the team (and more to the point, coach/quarterback combination) that has dominated the last 15 years, taking on the team (and again coach/quarterback combination assuming Chuck Pagano’s health holds out, and I am one non Colts fan praying for him) that will most likely dominate the next 15 years. The big question right now is, which team/coach/quarterback will dominate THIS year. I certainly hope it is the Patriots, but again, the Colts are that one team out of 31 others that doesn’t make me angry if they get that shot.