Sunday, January 18, 2015

Championships Aren't Won With Unicorns

Well I have never come out ahead of time in blog form and predicted a football game, but here I am going to predict two, because they are obvious. Now of course I am always wrong and that is the reason I don’t gamble or predict out in the open, but today I really just wanted to have my opinion out there, since I have been listening to opinions all week and they have been really bad. Let me explain further.

Ok with the Seahawk – Packers game isn't really a stretch. Even with a healthy Aaron Rodgers the Packers are going to lose. Let’s not go crazy here. I mean with a healthy Aaron Rodgers they might have made the game interesting for a while, and that was purely because of the extra scrambler in the backfield. With every pundits favorite player unable to break a run or hop around in the pocket it isn't even worth worrying about. It’s probably why it is the early game, because most people will be tuning out around half time.

Now the Patriots – Colts game I am considering almost as silly, with the caveat that the Colts can always do some crazy stuff that nobody expects and somehow make the game interesting. The last two times the Patriots stomped a mud hole in the Colts, they ran the ball down their throats, and until the Colts prove they can stop that it is how the game is going to start. Anybody who is looking at the Denver Broncos team that lost to them last week and calls that an upset didn't watch how bad that Broncos team is right now.

The fact of the matter is this, the Patriots have been running the ball down the Colt’s throat because the coaching staff is afraid of the Patriots passing game. Both of the last two games between the two were based on stopping the passing lanes and leaving the run zones open. It’s a great answer to say that the Colts are on a roll, because they are, but it will take a lot more than the “Luck” that the Colts have to win this game.

We’ll see by the end of today. I have my street cred in these regards too. I have written to congratulate the Colts after they beat my Patriots and wished them the best when they beat the Bears. I will do the same tomorrow if I have to, but I won’t.