Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 16

I didn't go all gung ho in my predictions over this year's Super Bowl, because I had managed to make an ass of myself all year, as it pertained to football. I was pulling for the Saints and anyone that reads my sports ramblings most likely know why. For those that don't I will spell it out like this. I can't stand the Indianapolis Mannings and as a side note I can't stand the San Diego Chargers. In a Saints victory I would have two victories in one. I would have the laughter within my heart that Manning apologists would be able to torch all of those people who cost “The Greatest Quarterback and only actual person on the Colts” his inevitable Super Bowl title, and more importantly I could grab a picture of that “washed up loser of a Quarterback that the Chargers couldn't wait to get rid of” holding HIS trophy over his head. In other words, it was Christmas in the Crow Domain tonight.

I never held any animosity towards the Saints. Of course I have called them The Ain'ts just like everyone else, but I would have been perfectly happy with saying “The Ain'ts ain't the Ain'ts any more” right along with everyone else. Hey I'm a 20 year Red Sox fan so I get the whole misery and lack there of, but as a Patriots fan I was rather perplexed as to why the Colts were so heavily favored. I heard all the reasoning along the way like, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, and if that isn't enough, Peyton Manning, but I also know that MY team played both of these teams this year, and lost to both, but very differently. The Colts beat the Patriots barely because of a bad coaching decision, and some would say a bad ball spot by the referees, but the Saints murdered them. I mean I had that impression in my mind, and I had to wonder why the Colts were just the “Chosen Champions” the whole way. If I were a Saints fan I would be pissed off about the whole “Super Upset” claim that all the sports casters are throwing out there. Easy for me to say huh?

Seriously though, I have seen this happen a few times as of late, and that would include what was an embarrassing end to my Patriots season a few years ago. The Giants barely lost to the Patriots to end the season and I am ashamed to admit that I bought the hype leading into that Super Bowl and for what? The game was exactly as close as it should have been and the better team won simply based on the score, but realistically it was a toss up the whole way. This game wasn't even really that to be honest with you. It had the exact same elements that a typical Saints game had, even including that spine crushing interception for a touch down. THAT was the New Orleans Saints that played. It wasn't an inspired underdog, it was the team that was the Super Bowl champion, and like any game of football that appears to have only one star on the field {Peyton Manning .. go back and read the articles leading up to the game} all you have to do is remove that one player and win?

We could analyze this further, if you want to be fair. How about that Giants – Ravens Super Bowl a while back. The Ravens blowing out the Giants was a complete shocker and moreover I still can't make that game work in my mind. Sure the Ravens defense was amazing, but so was the Giants, but with the caveat that the Giants actually had an offense. Anyone who would even insinuate that the Ravens had an offense is full of crap, regardless of that blow out. How about what most people still call the greatest upset in Super Bowl history {and it was trust me} when the Patriots shocked the Rams. I liked what a few of the Rams players said after that game when it was brought up that the Patriots wouldn't hold up in a 3 out of 5 when they honestly said “I couldn't move my arms at the end of the game. The Patriots made it so we couldn't play another game either,” but the reality was that NOBODY saw that game outcome. People could see this if they were rational, but I don't think many were rational.

In the end I think this Super Bowl was one of the best I had ever seen. It was exciting and the outcome made me happy of course. Thanks to Doritos the commercials this yer were WAY above board and although I won't make a moratorium on it, I want to thank Tim Tebow and his mother for making a very classy commercial on an issue that needs to be talked about more. I would like to thank the Who for making the halftime show pathetic, and a far better lead in to what was a very rare second half that was better than the first. Most of all though I would like to thank Roger Goodell, the frauds at CBS, and anyone else who make a big stink about Rush Limbaugh ever owning a stake in a football team. It makes loudmouths like myself that much more self righteous when we are forced to watch a half hour infomercial from a pathetic excuse for an anchor woman, and a pathetic excuse for a president speaking NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT POLITICS during the pre-game show. Even a venue like this won't bring their numbers up, and I have a feeling that I might get a happy surprise when the next round of “favorable” ratings come out for both of those clowns. Christmas Christmas Christmas! ;8o)