Friday, January 15, 2010

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 15

I can't believe I am going to say what I am about to say, but feel free to blame it on the lack of blood. If God loves me she will let the New York Jets demolish the Indianapolis Mannings this week. Yes you heard me right, as I am wishing THE NEW YORK JETS to beat the snot out of the Colts. It would be the poetic justice that the Colts beg for almost every year when they fix the playoffs, and despite my hate for the Jets, I want justice. No Justice No Peace my brothers!

This could actually be funny if you think about it. The Colts had they decided to play their game against the Jets could have eliminated this issue weeks ago, but like they always do they threw the game, and eliminated other teams from the playoffs. Usually this doesn't bite them in the ass but here is an opportunity for the Colts to fail from their own end of the season policy, and for that I am actually excited. You see there are plenty of people out there that think the Patriots did this with the Texans, but I wasn't fooled for a bit, and the Ravens game proved what I had been saying for many weeks. The Patriots weren't that good and every game this year for the most part was a first half rout followed by a second half comeback. Some caught them others didn't. The Colts on the other hand walked right onto the field against the Jets with no intention of winning, and now have a “better” Jets team to face with the AFC Championship on the line.

It actually lined up perfectly for this to happen too. The Bengals were fakes, so we won't really go there, but if Indianapolis expected the Chargers to deal with the Jets before they had their usual choke against them then it showed another huge failure in judgment. San Diego benefits from a lousy division, as they always do, and walked into the playoffs by default. They then did their usual vanishing act when the game meant something against a team with more than the Raider's credentials. The Jets almost had no choice but to win that game, and with both of those wins under their belts they have something called “momentum” which stems back to, you guessed it, the Colts game in the regular season that escorted them into the playoffs. There is a certain level of irony there, which will make this season's Colts fail, that much more enjoyable than their usual choke.

For those of you wondering how I can be such a Colts hater, it stems back to all of the hating that happens around the Patriots. Sure they have the types of transgressions that make other fans hate them, I get it. The worst of which would be that they have succeeded in the last decade, albeit less towards the end, but enough to still make it to the top of the hate parade. Their level of success had been a lot of the time based on over-achievement and hated on almost equally because of that as well as their dominance. I get it from both ends, but here you have in the Colts an almost identical scenario yet with different results. You have a team that under-achieves at almost every level, despite their one Super Bowl. Arguably based on their regular season record {before they micro-manage the outcome of every season by throwing games} they should have won four or five of them. Granted the Patriots and the Steelers had fun ruining those aspirations for them, but the sainted Colts fans and their insipid revisionism and whining about Patriot cheating and Steeler bullying, make them a far more sickening success{less} story.

What makes me even more sick is the blatant cheating that the Colts get away with, because of all their saintly players, coaches, owner, and fans. CBS {pronounced See BS} has to turn down the volume during Colts home games to drown down all of the artificial noise that gets pumped into this dome and the last dome. This isn't a Patriot complaint, or a Steeler complaint, but this is an EVERYONE complaint. The volume had been steadily increased every year until they could finally stem off the teams that could ignore it. Throw in the “pillow factors” that referees have placed on a lot of the Colt players and you have a touch football game with different rules for each team. Even with that I am willing to admit that the Colts have been a damn good team for over a decade now, but I can't help but take times like this to point out what they do wrong to kill themselves. The year they went to the Super Bowl and won it you need to remember, they weren't the “dominant team” that could throw games at the end, and came close to not making it at all. They also faced a decimated Patriots team to get there, but as I said then and I say now, it was the first year they had truly earned their spot.

On the off chance the Colts win {actually I'm not stupid, they probably will} they might not have it so good in the Super Bowl. Both of the teams going for the NFC championship are pretty tough. What worries me is that both of the NFC teams get so full of themselves that they can formulate chokes of a monumental proportion. This worries me because I don't want to rely on either of those teams to hand out a spanking to the spoiled brats of the NFL. My loyalty to all that is right with the world thus relies on the mortal enemy of my beloved Patriots. I would even be willing to accept the Jets winning a Super Bowl and thus ending a drought that has added to my amusement for decades. That 42 year stretch of non-appearances in the Super Bowl is on the line and I am willing to give that up. See what I have to put up with here? ;8o)