Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 12

I sincerely hope that Comcast got its money’s worth yesterday, because I have determined that the Senator that they have bought and paid for must be willing to commit political suicide for his client. Actually I shouldn’t say that, because if there is one thing I know about politics around the Philadelphia area, is that they have no concept of what is good for them anyway. Arlen Specter’s quest to take down the NFL over the Spygate thing might actually destroy America’s game but not because it will unearth anything, but more over because once congress decides that it is going to get you, it will get you. It should have been obvious when the whole meet and greet between Goodell and Specter amounted to Specter rising like an old peacock to encourage {demand} Goodell to talk to the former videographer of the New England Patriots, when a simple reading of last weeks newspaper would have told him that Goodell already had.

This is how the encroachment on people’s rights really happens. People think they are so smart because they parrot what they hear in the biased news media, and feel self righteous because they read it in print, but have not the ability to read between the lines, or feel guilty for beating on those that have more than they do. How many times have we heard “illegal domestic spying” and then think that it has to be true because it was on the news? People like myself are outnumbered by the idiots when we simply point out that there is no “illegal domestic spying” going on, or at least there isn’t any as it is reported by the media. The parrots yell louder and drown out the voices before they can inject reason, but any phone call that goes between one country and another is not DOMESTIC, it is officially INTERNATIONAL. It has a different meaning at that point, but the population in general is “dumbed down” to the point of not even understanding the English language and how do you fight against that? The answer is that sooner or later you don’t.

This is no different, but it is a different approach to a destructive means. The old story of “When they came to get my neighbor, I said nothing, but when they came to get me, there was nobody left to say anything,” comes into effect and nobody cares as long as they got “them” first. Too many people look at successful people and want to cast a finger of scorn because they are better than them in some way, despite any evidence that they may be worse in others. The Patriots dominated the new century on the football field so they had to cheat. Professional athletes make too much money so we have to go and get them, or at least take some of their money away from them. The collective bargaining agreements that professional athletes work under is unfair because my union doesn’t get half of that for ME! Nobody cares to listen when anyone else points out that professional athletes provide more services and entertainment than these overpaid senators do. The need to get the obviously “over paid and over privileged” athletes is a wonderful masked for the “over paid and over powerful” politicians and companies that back them.

Who thinks of how Arlen Specter represents the most pathetically underprivileged people in this country, and does absolutely nothing for them while he takes on the NFL? Who thinks of how Comcast puts the thumb of God on anyone who is completely and utterly under their control? I could spin them in a whole different light, but I have neither the fame nor the audience to change a single opinion, but if the NFL is unfairly judged because people like the product, and are willing to pay the salaries that are put forth then what about Comcast who holds a majority of the people as slaves? Think about it this way, but if the cable that comes to your house is owned by Comcast then you have NO power of the purse to get the services you want. If you live in the woods {as I do} then you can NOT simply switch to a satellite dish to stave off the robbery that Comcast does to you, and who do we blame for this? Congress!

20 Years ago the cable companies were controlled by your community. The city or town that you were living in would negotiate the contracts with the local cable companies and would get the best prices they felt necessary to provide the cable television. If a cable company started sticking it to the consumers then the city council {your neighbor} would simply throw them out and get a new one. That was until the congress got involved {for the children as they always do} and regulated all of the cable companies, and set the rates. Like congress always does, they over regulated it and left large glaring loopholes so that the people that fund their campaigns {cable companies} could insert more fees and more structure to keep you from your own money. Cable bills went from 10 dollars a month to well over 100 and it was snuck in on you until you suffocated under the stress of it all and then accepted it as a part of ordinary life. Arlen Specter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast, and that is no joke.

While everyone is fiddling at the gates of Rome right now they aren’t involved or caring whatsoever about what was really happening at the end of the NFL season. Why should you after all, because what was happening at the end of the NFL season only pertained to NFL fans. The NFL network was running the Patriots vs the Giants as it had been slated to do since before the season even started, and at the same time the Patriots were working on a perfect season. The NFL network was falling under an obscure congressional rule that cable consumers should only pay for networks that they want. Comcast had determined that we all want 5 home shopping networks and 15 all Spanish channels and NOT the NFL network, so they give you those included in your “Basic Cable Package” and the NFL network was a pay channel. Some people think that this is only fair, and I personally don’t care because I will pay for the NFL network because I like it, but hold on a minute, it isn’t that easy.

Where the satellite companies give the NFL network as a “Basic Network” station Comcast did not citing the “only pay for what you want” angle. Arlen Specter and his wholly owned subsidiaries of Comcast in Washington put the thumb down on the NFL network to let that game get televised elsewhere. What you all didn’t hear was that they wanted it to be televised on Comcast Sports Dot Net and on the NFL network. They did NOT want it put on the broadcast airwaves as they spun it out afterwards when the NFL Network decided to let CBS and NBC broadcast the game. Does anyone really think that that doesn’t have anything to do with why the wholly owned Comcast Senator is going after the NFL now? If it were just a matter of “paying for the channels that you want” then why does Comcast force you to pay 14.95 a month for the “Sports Package” of a bunch of unusable sports news stations and the NFL network if all you want is the NFL network? As I said before, it isn’t as easy as the news spins it after all. Keep your fiddles handy for when I explain what is really going on with Roger Clemens tomorrow ;8o)