Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 11

Well, what to do when your team loses the Super Bowl. I’ve been down this road before, but it’s been a long time actually. It reminds me of when the Mets beat the Red Sox in 86 because like the Mets, the Giants used to be my favorite team, but weren’t the team I was pulling for. It’s amazing because I am not that depressed, which probably means that I am in shock, and Bob Griese ruined my angle of “Oh Gawd I have to listen to the 72 Dolphins for EVER again!” by being really noble when he talked about the game afterwards. He reminded the person talking to him on the phone that the Dolphins lost the Super Bowl in 71, and he predicts the Patriots to win next year. Ugh!

Here’s the long and the short of why I am not totally depressed after the game, and it comes down to this. The Giants were the far superior team in the Super Bowl. My mind was clouded by how superior the Patriots had been all year, and from the start of that game to the end of that game the Giants were better. If it were a case of certain calls going wrong, certain circumstances going wrong etc etc etc, then I would have been bummed out. The Giants were better on Offense {thanks mostly to their Defense} and they were far better on Defense. The Giants were the better team, and there is no argument about it. I will even go as far as to point out that Plaxico Burress almost called the game exactly, and everyone was talking about disrespecting the Patriots because of it. We never saw it coming.

If I were to be even more honest about it all, when the Patriots took the lead with a bit more than 2 minutes to go, I didn’t think that the Patriots could stop the Giants. The Giants until that point in the game had a much better offense, and I was forced to sit their chewing off my fingernails and hoping that someone would screw up, because they hadn’t been up until then. Hoping doesn’t solve any of the issues that were happening during the game. It was one of the two screw ups that the Giants had had up until then that even had the Patriots in the game when pass interference was called in the end zone. Take that away and the Patriots weren’t even in the game. What sold me on the fact that the Patriots were not the better team was that unlike “The Patriots” they had no solution to “The Giants” during half time. Seriously speaking that is the one thing that you usually expect from the Patriots, is that they will fix everything during half time. At the end of the Third Quarter, it had been obvious that they hadn’t.

The ugly of it all though was this. Tom Brady looked horrible, but that had a lot more to do with the Defense of the Giants hitting him a LOT. My finger nails were disappearing, as I was simply wishing that the Patriots would get better, and despite the last touch down they got, they just didn’t. I sat and prayed for the “screw up” and it didn’t come. More over the superior play of the Giants was absolutely highlighted as they made receptions that looked impossible {even by someone who watched Randy Moss all season standards} and created plays that even the Giants who had been beating up the Patriots all day hadn’t gotten earlier. The screw up finally came when Hobbs left Burress alone to get the game winner, but I was hoping for the Giants to screw up.

With 30 seconds left in the game, the Patriots did exactly what I thought they should, the Giants did exactly what they had to do, and unfortunately there wasn’t any shock when the Giants had one. I guess I will have to save looking for a bridge for after the Red Sox season. It’s been an entertaining year, and in the end it’s just a sporting event to which I had no control over, so I guess I am getting old if I can see it that way. Was it all a total waste? Yes, because the Patriots are one of the few teams that lost a Super Bowl that everyone will remember forever, because they “choked” in all honesty.
I have to admit that I think it was the commercials this year that may have lightened the burden of seeing perfection go up in smoke. I kept waking my son up in the other room, laughing out loud at a lot of the commercials. That one for Bridgestone Tires that had the guy swerving to miss everything and then Richard Simmons was in the middle of the road, and he hit the gas. Yep, that was the one that did it. Budweiser and Pepsi really dominated the hilarious commercial market, but I have to give honorable mention to that Sales Lead website there as well. If you missed any of them, the NFL set up a Myspace page where you can see all of the Super Bowl commercials this year which was a stroke of genius, but Fox owns Myspace after all. Oh before I forget, when the Fox NFL Robot got attacked by the Terminator Robot really was pretty cool too, but it was better when the NFL Robot went after him for revenge.

I also have a bit of a laugh over the New York Giants fans who wanted Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin crucified out front of the Meadowlands just 2 months ago. Unfortunately having been a Giants fan when I was a kid, and knowing how the New York media works, they will conveniently forget about all of that. Being human, within a few weeks I will too. Here’s where I earn my spot in Patriots Nation though, as I take my lumps for my team losing the big one. I will even go as far as to say “We lost the big one” since it always bugged me how every win with most fans is a “We” and every loss seems to be a “Them!” Here is where I say that last year Belichick did this after what appeared to be a crushing defeat in the AFC Championship game. I am actually anticipating what this will cause ;8o)