Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 10

I go back many years to about the time I was 10 years old. December in Foxboro Massachusetts was not only cold but it was bitter. Bitter especially when you are sitting just off the 50 yard line in Sullivan Stadium with your foam finger lying to everyone because it said Pats #1. At that time the Patriots were far from number 1 but I had been going to these games with our near 50 yard line season tickets for years. They were cheap, and you got good seats because nobody else went to the games. The Patriots sucked. At this point of the game the Patriots had been in the playoffs once and were slaughtered at home. It’s what we did 7 Sundays a year, and it was ok. We were fans of the home team. 5 Years later we were on our way to the Super Bowl with the Patriots because there weren’t enough season ticket holders to even warrant a lottery for the tickets, and like Patriots fans we went and watched the worst blowout {at the time} in Super Bowl history. That Bears team was arguably the best team ever, and we knew it, but we were happy to not be the draft favorites for a change.

I see how a lot of people look at the New England Patriots now, and I totally understand. I used to be jealous of all the “good” teams, because my team was horrible. Don’t get me started on how bad my baseball team was, but I totally understand it. What I don’t understand is all of the idiocy around it all at this point in time, and I think it has something to do with politics. We have been indoctrinated towards memorizing “catch phrases” and thinking it makes us smart. If you hang out with and appreciate the approval of stupid people, then you are all set. Feel free to stop reading here, but if common sense makes you want to understand things a bit better using logic then you may want to continue along.

The Patriots this year have brought up a lot of debates, and I have totally stayed out of the fray because I didn’t want to ruin the euphoria of watching the greatest football team ever break a ton of records, and actually being a fan of them. Like most Patriots fans I was heartbroken when they lost to the Colts last year, and was elated that the team was willing to wipe that memory out of my mind as efficiently as possible. It was like when I used to be in a bowing league on Sunday nights and any time the Patriots had a Sunday night game they would destroy the team within 20 minutes of the game, and keep me from having to pay too much attention it. They made some serious upgrades in the Offense for a change, and I really thought they were a 14 and 2 team before the season even started. Spygate came along and I laughed it off, because it really is silly. Logic dictates that because all teams cheat somehow. Many people didn’t agree with me, but most of them are full of crap.

Now aside from the Chargers fans that cry about everything and the Steelers fans that will never admit to ever losing a game because everyone else cheated, only die hard Patriots haters bring this up. Now we have Arlen Spector making it into a Federal Case. I can understand why as we no longer have crime {especially in FilthyDelphia where his constituency is}, terrorism, healthcare issues, border issues, and a whole host of other things to deal with anymore. Arlen of course told the NFL Commissioner to come discuss these things with him and wanted to bring up the Anti-Trust agreement that the NFL has. It’s the ultimate shake down really and I am sure that most people don’t know that Arlen Spector’s largest contributor is Comcast, who would love nothing more than to put the hurt on the NFL for not allowing Comcast to buy the rights to the NFL Networks games. Common sense is all it takes to get from point A to point B on that one, but some good actually came out of it. The NFL Commissioner came out and talked about why the tapes were destroyed and talked a bit more about what was on them. The best of it all was when he said that other team’s coaches were waving to the Patriots camera men because everyone knew they were doing it. I respected his reasoning that the tapes were destroyed because that way if any of it shows up again then he knows to go get the Patriots for having it. Enough said.

Now I see all the television pundits trying to explain why the Patriots aren’t the greatest team ever even if they do win the Super Bowl. I can honestly say that there is a debate here as long as you talk about it based on the times that it is happening. I spent the day in bed because my back was killing me and it was just me and the NFL Network all day. I watched many old Super Bowls, and just got done watching “The Super Bowl” in question which involved the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins {aka the one that closed the first and so far only perfect season} and now have to wonder how stupid these people are? What I saw in that Super Bowl was a bunch of little people, who weren’t very fast, couldn’t pass for crap, but looked better passing then they did kicking, throw a bunch of interceptions and hardly play football. This of course is by today’s standards.

Don’t get me wrong. Compared to all the other little guys, who weren’t very fast, couldn’t pass for crap, but looked better passing then they did kicking the Miami Dolphins were the best. Why believe my lying eyes after all? The average lineman today is about 100 lbs heavier, and if they aren’t it is all muscle now, and not belly. Quarterbacks are surgeons when it comes to throwing the football. Wide receivers are at the very least 6 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier, and Mercury Morris {who loves to talk about how much better those dolphins were} was considered a large running back at 190 pounds. You aren’t a running back in today’s NFL at 190 pounds unless you are 4 foot 9. It was like watching a really bad Bugs Bunny cartoon. Revisionism tells the people that the Steelers dynasty a few years later wasn’t equipped like this, and aside from a lot more skill than that Dolphins team, by today’s standards those teams would have a hard time beating teams that didn’t make the playoffs this year. This isn’t popular, it’s probably arrogant, but it’s amazingly obvious.

The last point I would like to bring up before I make my Patriots prediction {oops too late} is that everyone {and I mean EVERYONE} who hates the Patriots {aside from serious fan rivalries} are pretty disingenuous. Most people whine about how football players are to self absorbed, make too much money, don’t listen to their coach, don’t buy into a team philosophy, and most of all use these things to destroy chances of winning. The New England Patriots are EXACTLY what everyone has wanted in their own team, and not just the fact that they win. The players take serious salary cuts to remain there, and bolster the TEAM. Nobody on the team thumps their chest and demands to be put above anyone. No cheap theatrics. Completely team oriented with one goal, and that is bringing trophies to their fans. They try to score every time they touch the ball, because that is what they are paid to do, and their defense never points fingers at the offense for making mistakes. Worst of all for all of the haters out there is the fact that in today’s age of salary caps and parody, they get better every year, and force the teams around them to do the same, or lose. Feel free to look at the Dallas Cowboys {America’s Team} which acquires the chest thumping show off’s and gets them a “friendly” coach so that they can all be happy. How did that work out? … Patriots 45 – Giants 20 ;8o)