Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 8

Well the only question I have to ask at this point of the San Diego Chargers football season is, “Where’s Ladainian?” Captain Temper Tantrum from last years AFC playoff game had plenty of things to say when the New England Patriots players did a pretty good imitation of the players on his team. He had pointed out that it was classless, and most people that actually follow the game tried to point out to him that they were simply imitating the people that he never once acknowledged acting like that during every game of that season, but now I again have to ask the question, “Where’s Ladainian?”

He carried his venom {and poor sportsmanship} to this season when he had to comment on the Patriots “Spygate” involvement, which was understandable with his “sour grapes” nature and all, but it most likely WAS the real starting point for the Patriots legacy of destruction this season. You can say what you want about the “Spygate” scandal, and throw mud, but it was Ladainian pointing out that they were cheaters that brought forth the wrath in the next game when the Patriots obliterated the San Diego Chargers, and sent them spiraling down the toilet for weeks to come. Of course the real reason for them almost throwing away the season was the fact that their quarterback totally sucks.

Now if the question coming from anyone is “How dare you?” I should point out that this is week 17 of the following season, and the only reason that the San Diego Chargers are going to the playoffs is because Ladainian got his act together, and they took the football decisions away from Phillip Rivers. A very good example of wonderful Rivers football decision making skills was how he walked onto the field with two of the usual Chargers “Trash Talking Idiots” and actually started shouting taunts at the quarterback of the Broncos. The Broncos happen to be going through a very disappointing season, but we need to get something strait here, aside from it being the most tasteless act I have ever seen, but Phillip Rivers isn’t good enough to clean Jay Cutler’s Jock Strap. Most football analysts would agree with that, and most of them have been talking about it all week. Now I ask, “Where’s Ladainian?”

I listened to the whining that came out of the mouth Ladainian Tomlinson last year because of what he thought was classless from a couple of Patriots players and it made me ill. I see the behavior of his own team mates this week and it makes me stunned. Phillip Rivers reminded me of that little “Ya Ya” guy that would hang out with the bullies at school. Yanno the one I am talking about that simply stands behind the big kids going “Ya Ya Ya Ya” because he is incapable of actually beating up his younger sister. It was disgusting actually because he may actually be one of the only quarterbacks in the league that eliminates his teams chances of winning games most of the time. I have been on the verge of commending San Diego for actually being able to overcome his idiocy all season long, but now I am looking at it a bit differently. I should thank him for this realistically, and take the Denver game as a tutorial for why.

San Diego has had a pathetic schedule. When they played good teams, they lost, and when they played the worst division in football {meaning their own} they have been winning purely by default, and perhaps Mr. Classy should say something about that? They were fortunate to play the worst division in the worst Conference as well for their 4 inter conference games. He could perhaps start by talking about the MOST classless thing that has ever happened on a football field that he was present for. Note that I am not saying that he has “seen” because history has dictated that he doesn’t “see” the pathetically classless things that his team does, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt here. He may after all have been trapped under something really heavy, like his ego. I have to say that Deion Sanders hit the nail on the head last year when he said, “Word to Ladainian .. If you have to start all of your statements with ‘Everyone Knows That I am A Classy Guy’ then it might mean that they all don’t!” ;8o)