Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 7

I am going to place the statements of Gary Sheffield in GQ {Gentlemen’s Quarterly for those that never knew} Magazine this month. I am then going to make some commentary on it but I think it is more important to first place the statements out there in their entirety, but first I wanted to bring up that the question was asked of him because he is a notorious “loud mouth” and it was based on a study that less “Black” players were in the Major Leagues then years previous. The way the media works is that you find a subject to prove that “White” people are bad {even if you have to include all ethnicities other than strictly African American to the “White Side” to skew it that way} and finding a “loud mouth” who rarely thinks about what they say to back them up on it. Apparently on this one they goofed though but here it is.

{ESPN’s Paraphrases} "I called it years ago. What I called is that you're going to see more black faces, but there ain't no English going to be coming out. … [It's about] being able to tell [Latin players] what to do -- being able to control them,"

"Where I'm from, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.

"These are the things my race demands. So, if you're equally good as this Latin player, guess who's going to get sent home? I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys." {End Of Sheffield’s Idiocy}

What first makes me really sad about the statements that he made actually might surprise you. The first thing that went through my mind was that the Gary Sheffield that I have listened to on the radio is actually a very intelligent and well spoken man, so to hear such utter idiocy and blatant Zionism from him just made me feel bad for thinking he was intelligent and well spoken. I am sorry there are no other words for it because when a man is standing over you with a whip he is your master and that is wrong, but when a guy is paying you 4 million a year to play a kids game then shut the hell up and do as you are told or YOU are wrong don’t try to merge the two scenarios. I promise that will be the last time I ever call this man intelligent, so at least it was a lesson learned.

Throwing it down to the other issue that is at hand here {and no I am not talking about the insult to the Latino ballplayers because I am not a Latino so what do I know} was that I completely was ready to take the ball and run with this like a lot of “White” Americans are I would assume. This would be the inherent problem that what he just described is what many people see is wrong in the “Black” community today and here I am being a “White” American and not allowed to talk about it. Well the bad news is that I am because I have permission from a lot of “Black” people that I happen to know. They are not in the “Black Community” though as they happen to be in the “Community” in general around here. Just taking the statement of “I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys,” conjures up some of the worst stereotypes that people are not allowed to talk about for being a hate monger. “I am not going to be told what to do in the ‘White’ schools,” and “I am not going to do that job for that money,” {which often go hand in hand} in the “Black Community” come in to play here and fortunately there are rarely read people like myself that can bring it up as we don’t garner national attention, but I am willing to go one step further than that and say that the ruination of certain sectors of society come from actually believing what he just said in the first place. It was a lie from an idiot, and shouldn’t even effect the debate.

Here’s what really has the most effects on the “Black” players and their decisions to play baseball. IT ISN’T A POPULAR SPORT TO THEM! Most of the black kids growing up play basketball and football, and that is where most of the really talented athletes are going. If his theory that they aren’t going to play by the rules of the owners of the teams is true then it’s too bad realistically that their pride keeps them out of jobs, but again there is a stereotype in that I hear people beating on a lot. Here’s what is at odds though seriously with these stereotypes that go on around the different communities as this was all precipitated by the need to create rifts in the sports world. If you are of one opinion you may never see the good and if you are of the other you may never see the bad.
Here’s an example of this fact as nobody really ever talks about how more and more “Black” players are finding themselves in Golf, Hockey, and Tennis. Typical race baiters would like to point out that it isn’t enough, but it is still more than before and where African Americans make up 17% of America then perhaps 50% representation isn’t exactly equality realistically. These sports tend not to appeal to Black America but those that it does have every opportunity to play, and some are totally dominating the sport. As a matter of fact the Williams sisters have made Women’s Tennis more watched than Men’s Tennis and not just because they are really nice to look at either but because they, and their rivalries in Tennis make that end of the sport a hell of a lot better then the Men’s side. I don’t have to bring up Tiger Woods {and if I were smart I wouldn’t have because I can already hear the groans about how Golf used to be racist but guess what Jack Ass it isn’t anymore so get in today} to explain domination of a typically thought of “White” sport.

In the end everyone has an opinion and until now I thought they were all valid. If anything I want to thank Gary Sheffield for pointing out to me once and for all that some opinions have NO legitimacy whatsoever. In this case if they do it is a sad testament to an entire race of people so I will take it upon myself to just believe that the man is dumb ass and hope that I am right. ;8o)