Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 5

Well today is the day. It’s the first time ever that there is a Super Bowl game after the Patriots lost an AFC Championship game. I am rooting for the Colts because I believe that they deserve it, as well as my still seething hatred at the Chicago Bears for humiliating my Patriots back in 85. Yes I hold a grudge, and that comes from being a Red Sox fan actually. Don’t ask me how I feel about the Yankees, because you will get an earful. The Colts were actually very gracious in their victory over the Patriots and it surprised me. I wouldn’t have been, because what is the point of “slaying a dragon” without, skinning the damn thing afterwards. Course I am not a professional athlete, and for that matter I am barely a professional janitor.
I don’t want to make any predictions here because I am always wrong, but I see this as being an excellent example of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. It will come down to whether or not the Chicago Offense, or the Indianapolis Defense blow the game if you ask me. One of the reasons that colts fans have been so humble realistically is because they do realize that they caught the Patriots at the perfect time to exploit their exhaustion {not taking away from the fact that they came back to beat the Patriots which a lot of detractors said they couldn’t do, and I for one give them huge props} and they have been honest about it. On the other side of the field I am seeing a lot of Chicago fans thumping chests, despite the fact that they were really lucky to get past the Seahawks. They aren’t playing the Seahawks or the Saints this weekend, as they are playing the greatest team to “never” and the Colts understand that this may be their last chance to “ever” which I also take my hat off to.
The part that I don’t think people are paying attention to, and this Super Bowl has all the makings of, which is that Super Bowl a few years back, where the Patriots took a strong defense and a second year quarterback up against probably the greatest offense to ever touch a football. The man who is the head coach of the Bears remembers that game really really well, because he was the Defensive Coordinator standing on the Sidelines with the Rams team that was watching an upset happening. It happened at the hands of the one team until two weeks ago could do anything they wanted to against the Colts, so it could be interesting from that view point. The Colts have grown beyond that team as well so as I have said all along I am looking forward to what will probably be the best Super Bowl ever, and of course the most important part of any Super Bowl … The Commercials!!!
Now I was actually watching “The Greatest Super Bowl Commercials of all Time” and I have to lodge a complaint with these people. How in the name of God can they not include the greatest commercial I ever saw!!! I am talking the one where they had the black Nissan Maxima coming out of the parking garage, then you cue up to the sky where there is a flock of pigeons all wearing aviators caps and goggles. The voice of the one pigeon chimes out “Ok guys we have our target in our sight!” and it was the voice of Cliff Clavin from Cheers. The next voice of “Ey Ey Sir, we have him locked and ready for bombing” came from the familiar voice of Norm Peterson from Cheers. I was already about to start laughing my brains out before they went into their nose dives, and the music from “Top Gun” started blaring through the speakers. “Dum Dum Dee Dum Dum” and they start chasing down this Nissan all over the streets of whatever fictitious city it was with all of the voices from Cheers characters bantering back and forth over their various miscues. This was CLASSIC comedy at it’s best people … where’s the love??? It ended with the Nissan finally pulling into it’s garage right when the Cliffy Pigeon starts going into a nose dive yelling “I’ve got him … I’ve got him!!!” and then smashing into the garage door. ROFLFUCKINGMAO! Laying there I can’t even remember what he said anymore but that commercial will be what I talk about before every Super Bowl until the day I die, and I was presently on planet Earth to see the Mean Joe Green one that always wins, and it just reminds me of one thing … Soap Operas will always have an audience on TV. Enjoy the Super Bowl Everyone ;8o)