Monday, January 15, 2007

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 3

Well I guess my topic today should be about sportsmanship as I had the honor of watching my football team beat the first team that I have seen them play in the last 6 years that actually worried me. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the Patriots could win that football game, but well into the fourth quarter of that game I really thought that San Diego was a superior team and was just happy that the Patriots were making a good showing. What happened at the end of that game though was something I had heard about the Patriots from an outsider’s perspective for years, as the Chargers let them hang around, and then piled up their own mistakes, and the scorpion stung them. I also saw a Patriots team that I had never seen before making choke signals and showboating far too much, but in the same vein, I will also say that they have never actually stolen a game like that either.
What really had me worried was what happened after the game, as I saw one of my personal favorite football players say some things about the Patriots bad behavior that really had me thinking about it all day. Don’t get me wrong, because I still think Ladainian Tomlinson, is the class of the National Football League, and a wonderful human being, but his comments after the game were totally misguided, and overly dispassionate. Either that or he manages to maintain a level of ignorance that is usually reserved for the parents of murderers, because if he wants to talk about classless behavior, and poor coaching, he’s been surrounded by it for years. I would never say that Ladainian would do the things that the Patriots did, but it was well noted that the things they were doing were stereotypical of the punks that play on San Diego like Sean Merriman and Drayton Florence. Fourteen times at the very least the San Diego players have gone to the very same spot on the field to show up their opponents, and the choking signals that the Patriots players were doing was nothing. I blame YOUR coach LT.
The fact of the matter is that most people believe that Tomlinson was merely saying the things about the Patriots that he was wising he could say to his own team, but being a “class act” he doesn’t. It’s Raymond Borque syndrome at it’s worst, and let me tell you as a Bruins fan also LT, that the longer you sit idly back and allow the hens to play in the chicken coup, you will never see a Super Bowl. You are after all the fifth MVP in the last 6 years to watch the Patriots celebrate as your season is over, and the 180 all purpose yards that you had in the game is now mired in what looks like being a crybaby. I’ll defend you on that, because you are probably the greatest player of my time, but then again Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest of his time, and watched the Celtics win all the championships too.
Onward and upwards though, I am looking forward to what will easily be the best two championship games in a decade. Say what you want about the Chargers, and the Ravens, but football in this decade is about the Indianapolis Mannings, and the New England Bradys. I actually think that Indianapolis could pull this one off, if Peyton can just stop thinking too damn much. With that said, if he does win this weekend it will be the only way he is going to gain legitimacy, in my mind because he has to conquer the Red White and Blue monster that waits for him under his bed. The Colts defense though gets an A+ from me though over the last two weeks, so it will be impressive to see what happens even though I think that Schottenheimer and Dungy are cut from the same cloth though, and I am sorry to anyone that the truth hurts. As soon as Indianapolis gets a new coach they might make it to the next level, but they have this weekend to prove me wrong.
I am far more fascinated by what is going to happen over in the other conference because I picked the Saints to go to the Superbowl in week 3 in our work Pool {worth 300$ if they do} and I couldn’t get the Patriots {was snagged by the guy who was in last, I was in second to last, so that will show you what I know} and my second AFC choice the Bengals were um … well let’s not go there, but I still have the Saints. Huge Drew Brees fan sitting here typing away because I always respected him for playing great despite the knuckleheads in San Diego using him up {after treating him like shit} and throwing him away. Being a fan of angry underdogs aside, I knew that with the running backs and wide receivers that he had in New Orleans he would at the very least outscore everyone, but unfortunately I probably just put the kiss of death on them because I am a sports idiot, riddled with the Dimas touch {everything I touch turns to shit} and then you throw in the fact that Chicago is not exactly going to be favorable weather in the least.
The best gift I was given this football season has been listening to all of the people that now hate the Patriots. “Tom Brady is the most overrated QB ever!” has been a big one this year, and it simply goes to show that my team has officially made it to “Cowboys” status. I was a season ticket holder for ten years when they couldn’t make a playoffs, and were always in the hunt for the first draft pick, so to see the jealousy and the simplemindedness of it all kind of makes me laugh. “The Patriots Cheat” was another great one over the last few years, but we really need to get one thing strait about all of this if we go back to the last Dynasty in the NFL, which was {whether you like it or not} the Cowboys. You can hate them or you can love them but you heard all of this and a few other things that you can’t say about the Patriots, because we all forget the rally cry of the NFL fans after they installed the salary cap, which was “No more Dynasty’s” until the Patriots came along. The team they beat yesterday had more Pro Bowl players on that one team then the Patriots had on the last 3 seasons combined. Their salary cap is the same as everyone else’s and they can’t buy a team like the Dynasty’s before could, and because of free agency they can’t hold onto the players like the original one could. As “The Most Overrated Quarterback in the History of the NFL” takes the field this week he will be facing off against the Ted Williams of Football, and he’ll probably retire with just as many rings. ;8o)