Saturday, October 28, 2006

Let's Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 2

Well it is going to be a Patriots free day tomorrow because the NFL let’s ESPN choose what games it gets on Monday Night after NBC chooses it’s Sunday night game. This is a big crock of crap because now once again I as a fan of the Patriots have to either choose between watching the game and walking around work like a zombie, if I can even get up at all, or I have to miss the game. I realize that the alternative of having a team that totally sucks like let’s say, I dunno, the “West Coast Teams” that are already in that stupid Monday Night football time zone, perhaps? Then just like all of the people out there that don’t have good football teams, I could simply not give a crap like they do. I know, I know, the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos are pretty good, but matching them up every week with the likes of The Oakland Raiders, The San Francisco 49ers, The Arizona Cardinals, and even the Seattle Seahawks {minus their star running back, and star quarterback} would make for horribly boring football, but that is tough shit!
This whole Monday Night Football format in general is flawed because a large majority of the population in this country lives on the east coast and it is just plain stupid to have football games that go past midnight for us. That whole argument of the West Coast people not being able to see the games is a pile of crap too because they don’t even have a football team in the biggest city out there, and the real reason behind that might be greed, but if the people actually bought tickets to the games then it would after all be moot wouldn’t it? Chew on that for a moment when you are sitting up at 1am watching your team play football because Los Angeles wants to watch the game, because they don’t have a football team for a reason. Even the totally blind morons who think that they were screwed should realize that the Indianapolis Colts were posturing themselves to sneak out there until they realized one fact … THOSE FANS SUCK!
Now with that said, why the rest of us have to suffer through these late games isn’t exactly beyond me but what is beyond me is why we should care? The last West Coast team to actually put enough care into one of their teams to make the Super Bowl {aside from Seattle, which was an anomaly more than anything else} was the San Francisco 49ers. Once the salary cap was initiated that team became one of the jokes of the league as it has been totally incapable of managing itself. Is it the location? That wouldn’t seem to hold water as that portion of the country has the best weather and atmosphere in the country. It has the night life that players like, and in and of itself should be a place that players would be desperate to go to, but it obviously isn’t. The whole philosophy of running a football team totally went to hell once they couldn’t simply outspend people, and with that went the ticket holders. Across the bay you have the NFL home fore the old and criminally insane owned by Al Davis, and going by the moniker of the Oakland Raiders, but we won’t even go there when it comes to how NOT to run a football team. San Diego and Seattle appear to have a good philosophy but we have seen how good they are at coughing up the proverbial football when it counts. Arizona? {insert the laughing like a lunatic rolling around like he is masturbating smiley here} Again we are talking about teams that are called west Coast but really aren’t that even count as NFL teams in Denver, Kansas City, St Louis etc which probably aren’t too thrilled with staying up until 11 pm or Midnight themselves if the truth be told.
Now we have the extremely well run franchises out on the East Coast. The Patriots, The Steelers, The Colts {kinda} being punished for being better than all of the teams on the West Coast that basically stop selling tickets around week 8? Is it not bad enough that teams like this have to share their revenues with teams that are content to be bottom dwellers {Hello … Arizona? … When was the last time you won 8 games in the same season?} but now the fans of the teams that are NOT content with being in second much less last are made to suffer from week to week as opposed to the 2 or 3 times a year that we used to just mark it on the calendar that looney left coasters get to screw us up. Now we could simply be picked at random every other week to have to suffer for football? I bet Muffy, Brad, Bif, Buffy, and Todd are really just crying themselves to sleep at night wondering if they will have good football between their double dry, quintuple shot lattes over skim milk, at the local Starbucks. Perhaps the solution to this problem is if they simply got some football teams of their own and left ours alone, but what fun would that be? ;8o)

P.S. Fuck ESPN and their Monday Night Football too … They don’t even broadcast in Stereo. Why do they deserve good games either? What if the East Coast fans don’t have Cable? I’m calling the ACLU!