Monday, April 30, 2007

Lets Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 6

Well now it appears that my football team has been pretty busy this weekend picking up a relatively unknown player by the name of Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders. Yes I realize that that was said rather tongue in cheek, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard his press conference yesterday on the radio. I hadn't been paying much attention so when I took my daughter to her church group and was expecting some good old fashion Red Sox/Yankee trash talk, I didn't even kn ow who was talking in the press conference. I did know that it had to be pretty important to rump the Red Sox just winning their fifth out of six games against the Yankees so I turned it up.

Now here is my honest opinion of what was transpiring as it was because I need to tell you right now that I have paid NO attention to Randy Moss since he has been in the league aside from his statistics, and had no desire to fall into the drama that surrounds him. I placed him into the same category as Terrell Owens despite the fact {and this is the first bit of good news} that you can actually get away from the Randy Moss drama and the Terrell Owens drama will find you no matter what you do. From that perspective alone I was listening to Randy Moss speak for the first time and didn't know who he was as he was doing it. I was impressed by the way he talked actually and was thinking to myself that he was obviously intelligent enough to be a member of the Patriots. He was modest when he proclaimed that he was the second best wide receiver in the history of Marshall University {and yes shows how much attention I have paid because I didn't know he went there but did know ...} making sure that Troy Brown got his props. That will endear you to a Patriots fan really quickly, and he finished off by making sure {intelligently} that he had no hard feelings towards the Raiders and wished them the best of luck. He sounded wonderful until I heard, “That's Randy Moss ladies and gentlemen” and my heart leapt up into my throat so bad that my daughter even pointed out that I looked like I was going to have a heart attack.

Now with that being said I realize that already I had a bit of a misconception of whom Randy Moss was and I probably should be ashamed of that. I assumed that he was a street thug, with a blunt hanging out of his mouth carrying a pistol every where he went. On the same side of the coin we have to be honest and say that that is how he is portrayed all the time so it is not completely my fault, but I was listening to a few interesting sports pundits on the whole thing and they brought up some interesting points too. Think about this for a minute, and it rather goes into the whole scope of why I simply assume that most people that hate the President are lunatics too, in the fact that there is an entire news cycle devoted to simply bringing this guy down. People want footage of him “dogging it” and being a nare do well and it is big money to get your hands on these things.

To date there are only about 5 or 6 incidents of Randy Moss “dogging it” on the football field while at the same time there are many thousands of pieces of highlight reel of him doing amazing things as well. A video clip of him “dogging it” will bring in far more money then a video clip of him “dogging it” and they just can’t get it. This has always been a pretty good defense on the President as well assuming that everyone in the world wants proof that he is behind any of the things that people babble on about constantly and they just can’t do it. Case in point we are propagating a few myths. Now on the same coin he does have a rap sheet, but don’t simply assume that he earned it all. The historical collapse of the Minnesota Vikings over the last few years has been accredited to him and he wasn’t even there for the boat incident amongst other things, and seriously I am not going to propagate the myths.

Where I am really going with this is that it is important for me to remember one thing when it pertains to certain things in this world, that I am not an expert, although I play one on blog. When it comes to my football team, the New England Patriots, I have been blessed to have one of the greatest football minds in charge of the team for over 6 years now. Three Super Bowl championships, and even though they lost the AFC Championship last year I still remember all of the people saying after they just got there when they shouldn’t have “Hey, It’s the Patriots. What do you expect?” and because of that alone I have to assume that the team knows what they are doing. Let’s also throw in the fact that my baseball team has the best record in Baseball right now because they appear to know what they are doing and I am becoming rather spoiled in all of this. Still living in Winnerville after all those years, all we have to do is try to get a Basketball and a Hockey team in here and we will be all set. {Dodging the baskets of rotten fruit … I kept my day job}

While I have the attention of the three or four of you still reading I have to make a commentary about the race yesterday too. I am not going to pretend to be a NASCAR fan because I am not, it actually bores the living shit out of me, and I have always found Professional Wrestling to be a much better red neck sport, but I am going to bring it up anyway. My credentials are this before I go on, that I was married into the family that owns New Hampshire International Speedway, and I was inundated with all of the family talk of the great sport of racing at every family dinner, and often was able to participate. I met many of the drivers that have become legends amongst other things and I have been rather privy to view NASCAR races live just for shits and giggles so I happen to know that it is NOT just a red neck sport. What I saw yesterday though as Jeff Gordon won at Talladega to pass Dale Earnhardt on the all time victory list makes me wonder if I jumped to conclusions assuming that they weren’t.

I have heard it ALL from every hater on the NASCAR fan list as to why Jeff Gordon is to be hated on, and it is every bit as stupid as what I see on CT each and every day. “He never earned it,” or “He cheats,” or “He is a pretty boy,” or “He has everything handed to him,” just doesn’t flush any more. Ok, I realize that DuPont wanted to sink big money into racing and they told Hendricks to go get a “Non Traditional” driver to drive the car, and a ton of money was sunk into it, but lets get one things strait here. HE EARNED IT ALL FROM THERE! Throwing bottles and cans at his car as he was doing his victory lap was beyond tacky it was very low class and hickish, and I am sorry that the fans of what is becoming a great sport had to de-evolve back to the stereotypes that everyone has for them. This is typical of what we see all over the world though as those that obviously accomplish things get torn down for it, but I want to use another analogy for you as all of the people that were set up in the same circumstances that Jeff Gordon was and totally failed outright because they never had to earn anything far out number those that make the most of what they get. I think of a quarterback that the Patriots used to have by the name of Drew Bledsoe, who was blessed with more talent than most and set up with one of the greatest coaches in the game. His lack of training, practice, and a whole host of other things turned him into a total failure in the end and a hungrier quarterback came along and took his job, by the name of Tom Brady.

I happen to be a Jeff Gordon fan despite not being a NASCAR fan because everyone hates him. It’s one of those things like being a New York Yankees hater {born and bred thank you very much} because whether you like it or not rooting against them is going to make you miserable more often then it is going to make you happy. History has dictated that. I still remember though that when Roger Clemens showed up at Fenway Park in what was supposed to be his last appearance there {yeah we never learn} that he got a standing ovation as he left the field and even came out to take another bow for all of the people who were wishing for nothing but his failure that night as he was not only pitching for the other team he was pitching for THE YANKEES on the Red Sox home field. That was class, and what happened in Talladega yesterday was not. Like it, lump it, live with it, but the facts are still in that NASCAR has a long way to go. ;8o)