Monday, September 12, 2005

Let's Talk About Sports Baby - Volume 1

Well I am going to talk about a very important subject to me, that will bore the ever loving crap out of most of you, but this is my blog, and I promise to at least make it thoughtful, and perhaps enlightening. It’s football season, and I am, of course going to take a minute to brag about the greatest football team on the planet, and tell you all why they are so great. My football team, geographically too, so don’t call me a frontrunner, is the Patriots of course, but why I have learned to love football even more over the last few years is simple. My team is the best by not being the best, at anything except winning. I didn’t really see how it all came to be until Charlie Weiss left for Notre Dame, and it all came into focus. He went to a college program that could use the one thing that the Patriots have always had going for them by design, and other teams often ignore. The Patriots are the smartest team in football. My higher power, which I choose to call Bill, recruits players based on their intelligence, and assumes that he can get them to do what he wants them too quickly. Notre Dame, has always suffered from it’s academic requirements, and it has made winning damn near impossible to accomplish until now … enter Charlie Weiss.

He was given a team that wasn’t the most physically gifted, but were some of the most academically viable, and the result is two HUGE out of the gate, upset victories. The team did absolutely nothing special. It was all hard nose football, but Charlie taught them all how to change it up simply by looking at the defensive schemes, and applying logic on the fly. The entire process is brilliant. Regardless of what happens to Notre Dame, or what you think of them as a team, they are one of the great stories of this year already. Boston College, another Catholic school btw … with High academic standards has also started applying these principals, is off to a 2-0 start against good schools. Where does all of this go un-noticed, or is it still the need to attract superstar players.

The Patriots on Thursday night played an Oakland team that is packed to the gills with superstar criminals … oops … I mean players, as it always is, and the result was, a great first drive, followed by systematic dismantling by the far more intelligent Patriots team. That’s the entire story, as it should have been noted from the get go. It never ceases to amaze me either how, the Patriots ARE going to change the entire game plan at every single half time to confuse, and shut down the other team, and it ALWAYS has great success. You would think that other teams would know this, and completely change their scheme so that the scheme the Patriots have gone to, to shut them down, would be moot. Well that wouldn’t work anyway, aside from the Philadelphia Eagles, there aren’t any other teams that can do it, and as Philly showed in the Super Bowl …. The Patriots still do it a little better, but I definitely give them a shot this year. Screw all of that Vikings going to the Super Bowl garbage also, I mean NO team other than the Barry Switzer lead Cowboys, will EVER get over the hurdle of having the dumbest coach in the league {and boy did they prove me right this week … Tampa Bay??? }.

I realize that there might be a couple of Steelers fans out there that believe that they have a shot, and that is ok. They were one of the few teams I picked in my company pool that played a good game of football this week so I will be nice, but I’ll just give you this stat … There have been 2 of the last 4 years that the Steelers have actually been WAY BETTER than the Patriots, and were totally humiliated at the end. If you don’t think both of those losses on the Patriots other home field (meaning yours) weren’t humiliating, then you obviously don’t watch much football. The other stat is this … Sophomore Quarterbacks are vulnerable … especially when they need a running back. As far as the Indianapolis Manning’s {once again, lets not pretend that they are still known as the Colts} are concerned, until they have a running back that is smart enough to understand an audible, without the simplest of sign language {a pat on Manning’s butt or an extra foot stomp} then 1st and 1 will always turn into Patriots ball at the wherever line you started at 4 plays later. They are way to smart to not figure out the sign language.

Look at the Patriots statistics over the last 2 years … they are absolutely mediocre at best on all but 3 things but the most important is “winning percentage“, where the Patriots have won 35 of their last 39 games, and that is amazing! Should they go on to win the Super Bowl this year then the elusive “Threepete” becomes the gold standard for Dynasty in the Super Bowl Era. Keep in mind, that not only are the Patriots the only team that has that opportunity this year, but the salary cap, was supposed to eliminate this for ever. I must go back to 1996, when the Cleveland Browns were on their way out to Baltimore, and the fans there wanted my higher power whom I chose to call Bill … Dead. What the hell, the Romans did it to Jesus, and we always compare Cleveland to Rome {said with a big goofy grin} It’s almost poetic that the man they chased out of town behind him, was just brought in to save their team. If they are patient {and get your baskets of rotten vegetables ready, Cleveland lost to Cincinnati}, then he just might save that team, if they are not, then hopefully we can get him back in time for the 5th Super Bowl celebration that takes care of that whole Packer legacy issue, and my team can hold up the Bill Belichick trophy, once and for all ;8o)

P.S. For those of you who are terrified about my football predictions … honesty dictates that I tell you that I got a whopping 3 out of 15 (with Philly hopefully going to give me 4 tonight) on my company football pool … and that is actually a huge improvement from what I usually get … Love ya Mean It :D